US Govt-Backed Study; Gazans Inbred, Separate Study Notes Less-Than-Average Intelligence

I wonder if the guy in the photo has weighed the pros and cons of firing off an RPG in a tunnel?

There’s this rather provocative tweet making its way around the internet. I think I’ll share it with whomever happens to be reading this.

Just know that I’m not going to give approval or a denunciation of such. Instead, I’ll just do a deep dive… you make up your own mind.

Wow. That’s a shot across the bow if I ever saw one. So, let’s get into the ‘inbred’ accusation first.

In a scholarly article from the federal government’s official National Institute of Health website entitled, ‘Consanguinity profile in the Gaza Strip of Palestine: large-scale community-based study’, Chase Geiser is off with his “Over 30%” citation; (PS, “Consanguinity” is fancy-scientist-talk for those whose family tree looks like a stick)

Results revealed a significant decrease in the overall prevalence of consanguineous (first- and second-cousin) marriages between the previous (fathers’) generation (45.2%) and the current (groom/bride) generation (39.9%). Among the five governorates of the Gaza Strip, records of Gaza Governorate revealed the lowest occurrence (36.9% current generation and 42.1% previous generation) of consanguineous marriages…

Again, how you take this above cited article is completely up to you.

Now let’s take a look into the IQ accusation.

In another scholarly article penned by Prof. Salaheldin Farah Attallah Bakhiet of King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Prof. Richard Lynn University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland entitled Norms for Standard Progressive Matrices in the Gaza Strip, here’s the abstract; (the entire report here published on Research Gate)

The Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM) was standardized in the Gaza Strip in 2012-13 on a sample of 1677boys and 1818 girls aged 8 to 18 years. The sample obtained a British IQ of 67.9. The result is discussed in the context of living conditions in Gaza.

I, for one, have a few questions… so, what is the “British IQ”? According to Research Gate (page 87);

In these studies, average national IQs are calculated in relation to a British mean of 100 and standard deviation of and are designated “British IQ” or “Greenwich IQ”.

Another reference to either of the two terms Scientific Research Publishing (page 1662);

This has been called the Greenwich IQ, analogous to Greenwich Mean Time.

In my research, I couldn’t find any breakdown of scores of the British/Greenwich IQ. But the authors Bakhiet and Lynn have set the benchmark as that of the mean average of Britain at the score of 100.

Keep in mind that there are dozens of various IQ tests floating around academia, all with at least a certain difference in scoring.

I’m of the opinion that while not a breakdown of the Britain/Greenwich IQ test, the below graph gives at least a close approximation;

Again, what you make of the referenced citations is totally up to you.

But if accurate, it’s a fair bet that Israel’s going to be dealing with a populus that considers the know-how of strapping a claymore mine to their chests as being at the high-end of the spectrum.