More Deep State Hypocrisy: Fake Jews and Flipping the First

It took me two days of me scouring the deepest, darkest recesses of the internet to find it, but I finally did.

As many of us are already aware, the HSAA (House Sergeant at Arms) has sent out a warning regarding a group of protesters who forcibly occupied Capitol Hill. By the way, the House was right in the middle of being in session.

Interestingly enough, the quite loud group was identified by the HSAA as being there in the first place “Due to First Amendment activities…”

From my front door to the steps in the US Capitol is a tad over 300 miles, but I can smell the bullshit from here.

I’d also like to point out how a number of these protesters are playing a game of Jew Dress-Up.

Notice a couple of gals wearing the Jewish prayer shawl, correctly known as the tallit.

Not being Jewish, either ethnically nor religiously, I dug a bit into what a tallit actually is.

According to the everything Judaic website, this particular garment is only worn during morning prayers and by men.

Specifically cited;

The tallit is still worn during morning prayers (along with tefillin, which Jewish men wear on weekdays from the age of 13). The tallit is worn all day on Yom Kippur, and in many communities, the chazzan (prayer leader) wears the tallit during other services as well.

Only men are obligated to wear the tallit.

Just me, but the Rotunda doesn’t look much like morning prayers at Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan, and neither of those gals look much like dudes. I know a couple of pudgy Karens when I see ’em.

All we have to do is just scratch the surface of leftism, the rust and the rot are easy to find.