Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Biden to Deploy ‘Non-Combatant’ US Troops to the Suicide Bomer Capital of the World

When 13 dead and 18 wounded American troops isn’t enough.

From the World Trade Center to Kabul and all points in-between, Americans have way too often been the targets of suicide bombers.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for US leadership (both civilian and military) drop the ball so badly, our fellow Americans are slaughtered by the bucketload by crazed individuals who worship a god who demands the blood of innocents.

A perfect example would be the two-fold decision by Sleepy Joe to authorize $100 million of US taxpayer money for the Gaza Strip, and also for approximately 2,000 American “non-combat troops” (whatever the hell that means. As a retired Marine, there’s no such thing as a non-combat Marine) who are on stand-by for deployment to the region.

First off, here’s the report from Lawrence Richard of Fox News; (emphasis mine);

President Biden has placed a condition on humanitarian aid going into the Gaza Strip, as Israel said Wednesday it will allow Egypt to deliver limited supplies for civilians. The aid will be the first assistance given to Gaza since Israel imposed a punishing 10-day siege on the territory.

The announcement to allow water, food and other supplies happened after President Biden visited Israel Wednesday hoping to prevent a wider conflict in the region. During his one-day visit to Israel, Biden announced $100 million in humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank but said if Hamas confiscates the aid “it will end.”

Ahh… the Democrat solution to everything – throw more money at the problem.

In the meantime, as reported by Nancy A. Youssef of the Wall Street Journal (emphasis mine);

The U.S. military has placed roughly 2,000 personnel and a range of units on a heightened state of readiness, “which increases DoD’s ability to respond quickly to the evolving security environment in the Middle East,” the Department of Defense said Tuesday. No decision to deploy the forces to support Israel has been made, the department said.

The troops aren’t intended to serve in a combat role, and are tasked with missions such as advising and medical support, defense officials said. They are from across the U.S. armed services. At least some could enter Israel to support Israeli forces, the officials said. The troops are currently stationed both in the Middle East and outside the region, including in Europe.

These two bits of news paint quite a bleak picture, at least as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s what I see: A ton of medical and supply types will make up most of the troops, augmented by a rather large number of Motor T troops (aka: “Truck drivers“), enough engineers to keep this small city running smoothly, and of course, a healthy chunk of water purification specialists carved away from all branches of the armed forces.

“Isn’t this over YET!?”

Keep in mind, basic food and water for over 2 million hungry, thirsty, and very pissed-off people will be not only be a logistical nightmare, but an operational fiasco that no bureaucrat in DC calling the shots couple possibly manage.

And yes, anyone with a lick of commonsense will have to come to terms with a paper-pusher nearly 6,000 miles away will be calling all the shots in the Negev.

Anyhow, the heaviest weapon this all-support force will have will be their personal weapons. That’s right, just their M16s and/or pistols.

No light, medium, or heavy machine guns; no mortars; no organic arty or air support.

America, be ready for more flagged-draped coffins to arrive at Dover.