NY Times Re-Hires Hitler Praising So-Called ‘Journalist’ to Cover Israel-Hamas War

Missing any Jews? Good chance he ate them.

To those willfully ignorant souls who still think that the Legacy Media here in the West is somehow fair and objective, I offer up this latest factual event.

Nazi moslims of the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar.

As it turns out, all those Lefties that have been accusing us conservatives of being Nazis, as it turns out… well, I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

By the way, Hitler and the Nazis; Mussolini and the Fascisti; Tojo and the Emperor-worship dictatorship were all Left-Wing. All three hated any form of democracy, any sort of ‘rights of the individual’, and any sort of economy other than the government and corporations tied together at the hip.

All three are totalitarian dictatorships, just like every other Leftie thugs.

In case some of you Leftists have made it this far into the article and still think that the Nazis are somehow “Right-Wing”, allow me to point out just a couple of things;

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem pays a state visit to Der Führer during the war.
  • Lefties love big government. The bigger government, the better.
  • The Right-Wing consistently seeks the-less-government-the-better solution.
  • It really does come down to saddling-up with government controlling every aspect of your life, or individuals controlling the course of our lives with minimal government intervention.