WARNING – Video of Palestinians Shot by Hamas for Fleeing South

While millions across the globe have screamed for a ceasefire that would benefit only the Hamas terrorist organization, the same drones have conveniently forgotten that a ceasefire was already in place. That is until Hamas purposefully broke it on Oct. 7.

Not that reality or any semblance of objectivity matter to these apologists for these primates.

Where were these virtue signalers (undoubtedly overwhelmingly white and liberal) as well as their fellow marchers (undoubtedly overwhelmingly jihadist sympathizers) when hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed in Yemen, Somalia, Syria, etc.?

Of course, we all know the answer.

But in the meantime, below is a Twitter/X video posted by London-based journalist Amjad Taha أمجد طه @amjadt25; (WARNING: violent content)