(VIDEO) Snowflake ‘Eco-Warriors’ Meltdown When Cops Apply ‘Pain Grip’

As much as I hate to admit it, but the land of my Great-Great-Grandfather’s birth is populated by a bunch of limp-wristed pantywaists.

Doubly so, the main reason das Vaterland meiner Vorfahren has become psychologically castrated is sadly due to a gutless mindset forced upon Germany by the occupying Americans after WWII. But that’s just my take.

With that aside, the Left is in (again) full meltdown over something called ‘the pain grip’ being applied to the ‘Just Stop Oil’ mob who refuse to comply while blocking traffic.

As reported by RedState.com;

A new controversy has broken out in Europe over the use of the so-called “pain grip” by German police. More specifically, it’s a restraint technique being used to remove climate change protesters who are blocking roads and otherwise causing chaos in public.

A recent viral video showed police using the move on a man who was sitting in front of a bus, ignoring orders to get up. As he’s carried onto the sidewalk, you can see his right hand being forced down to put pressure on his wrist. The man can be heard screaming as if he’s feeling the worst pain ever visited on any human in history.

The cool thing is that you can test this on yourself. Take your left hand and then push your right hand down so that your fingers are pushed further behind your wrist. Go ahead, give it a shot.

Now, did it feel like you were just blasted with buckshot while being burned alive as these protesters are projecting? Or was it just mildly uncomfortable? I’m not suggesting these climate protesters are faking the level of pain they are exhibiting…wait…that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. They are putting on a show for the cameras to present themselves as abused victims.

Just me, but does all this crybabies-on-parade reek of the EPKL (European Professional Kickball League)?