(VIDEO) Does Argentina’s President-Elect Out-Trump Trump? ‘I Will Not Apologize for Having a Penis’

It’s been said that the definition of Argentinian is in actuality an Italian who speaks Spanish, but acts like Frenchman who secretly wishes he was English.

Just me, but the newly elected (and wild-haired) president of Argentina, Javier Milei, certainly fits into the first and second categories. I personally believe he acts like he owns an entire business tower on 5th Avenue’s 700 block in mid-town Manhattan, and secretly wishes he really was married to Melania.

But back to the matter at hand, of all the various Trump 2.0 versions, Milei in certain areas, out-Trump’s Trump.

Just a few examples;

  • Do any given search on Milei, the Leftie media is branding him as ‘Far Right-Wing’, ‘Populist’, ‘Misogynist’, all the Leftie boogeyman buzzwords.

  • Pravda on the Hudson (AKA: “The New Yorker”) reliably reports, “he called for shrinking the government, eliminating or cutting many taxes, and shuttering the Central Bank. Milei has disparaged women’s rights (“I will not apologize for having a penis,” he said, and promised to shutter the Ministry of Women, Genders, and Diversity)…”

  • LatinTimes.com notes, “Shutting down the central bank, dollarizing the economy and privatizing several flagship companies, all part of a broader “chainsaw” plan to drastically reduce the size of the state.”

  • Music to every conservative Catholic’s ear, in an article from Argentina’s LetraP.com news service, “For the verbose libertarian candidate Javier Milei, Pope Francis is an “ass,” an “ignorant,” a “left-handed cultist of the hate-based model,” a “nefarious character” who “promotes communism,” … and a “left-handed son of a bitch.”

Apparently, referring to someone as ‘left-handed’ down Argentina way is meant as an insult. Kind of like the English-speaking world’s idiom, “A left-handed compliment,” which is someone actually insulting you from behind a smile.

Anyhow, the video below shows Milei specifying all the various bureaucracies he plans on shutting down. Just make sure you have Closed Caption turned on if you don’t speak Spanish.