Small Sign of Hope for Leftie Woke-ism; US Air Force Still as PC as Ever

As depressing as it may be to see one great American institution after another abandon truth, objectivity, and anything even close to common sense.

But there are a few signs that both the Establishment Media as well as academia may not be totally lost.

Sadly, with every bit of good news is often accompanied with the bad. Specifically, the bad news is that woke-ism is alive and well and setting-up shop at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

The first example that things are at least a bit better in the Fourth Estate, as reported by Joseph A. Wulfsohn of Fox News;

A Palestinian journalist working for NBC News was reportedly arrested by Israeli authorities Thursday “on suspicion of inciting terrorism and identifying with a terrorist organization.”

The Jerusalem Post reported Saturday that Marwat Al-Azza, a freelance producer living in East Jerusalem, was taken into custody in response to her social media posts about the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas.

“These are very serious offenses during a time of declared war when the respondent lives and makes a living in the same country that is under attack and yet chooses to incite and glorify the horrible acts committed against civilians,” a police spokesperson stated in court, per The Post.

According to Haaretz, on Oct. 7 Al-Azza wrote on Facebook about an elderly woman who was kidnapped, “It’s killing me, it’s a black comedy, the old woman looks happy, a bit of action before she dies.”

She also reportedly posted: “Sirens all the time, the Jews are hiding and the Arabs are out drinking coffee on their balconies,” and “I feel like I’m watching a movie where the director is Palestinian and the protagonists are from Gaza.”

An NBC News spokesperson told Fox News Digital, “The investigation of Ms. Azza is unrelated to NBC News. It is based on her personal Facebook posts that predate her time with us as a freelancer. We were not aware of those posts before we engaged Ms. Azza four weeks ago. She will not be contributing to our coverage going forward.”

Yes, the core of the problem is white liberals.

I’ll add that whatever one’s personal opinion is of this particular Israeli law is to be quite honest, irrelevant.

If any given person doesn’t want to abide by Israeli law, the solution is pretty simple; don’t live in Israel.

Now, the second example I’ll offer up is what’s happening at one of the more prestigious private schools in the South, Wake Forest University. As reported by Melissa Koenig of the New York Post (emphasis mine);

A private university professor has resigned after saying she would be “tempted to shoot up” dance parties like Hamas terrorists did on Oct. 7 — later whining about being a victim because horrified school officials did not defend her.

Wake Forest University Professor Laura Mullen sparked outrage with a since-deleted social media post just days after Hamas’ surprise attack killed around 1,200 people, including hundreds at the Supernova Music Festival.

“So it’s kind of a Duh, but if you turn me out of my house, plow my olive groves under and confine what’s left of my family to the small impoverished state you run as an open-air prison, I could be tempted to shoot up your dance party, yeah, even knowing you will scorch the Earth,” she wrote, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

Mullen eventually resigned, citing “personal reasons” — but made clear she felt like a victim because the school refused to stand by her.

She whined to the student newspaper, the Wake Report, that the university’s statement “is like if you watch animal films and you isolate one gazelle, that’s the one that gets eaten.

“They kind of threw me to the wolves,” she complained.

As we used to say in the Marine Corps; Boo-Fucking-Hoo.

Speaking of our nation’s armed forces, quite an article from Timothy Frudd of (emphasis mine);

United States military leadership at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota recently sent service members a text message warning them that their “continued service” could be in jeopardy if they attended a local rally featuring a speaker from an organization that has historically been supportive of former President Donald Trump.

The text message to Minot Air Force Base personnel, which was obtained by Fox News, stated, “Leaders, please exercise caution if downtown this weekend.”

The text message cautioned any base personnel who were thinking of going into town while the event was taking place last Friday to “be careful” and “reach out for any concerns.”

The event mentioned by Air Force leadership was the “Dakota Patriot Rally,” which took place at the state fairgrounds in Minot. Leadership warned Air Force members that some of the people attending the rally “could be confrontational to military members.” The text message also warned military members that the featured guest speaker would be from Turning Point Action, which leadership claimed was an “alt-right organization.”

In the text message sent to the Air Force base’s service members, leadership warned “participation with groups such as Turning Point Action could jeopardize their continued service in the U.S. military.”