Trump Wins AGAIN; Insurrection… What Insurrection?

No matter how badly the Deep State wants to see Pres. Trump behind bars, à la Third-World dictatorship, it just ain’t gonna happen.

Isn’t that what tin-pot tyrants do to their opposition? What the Democrats are doing is as old as politics. When the guy who can boot you from power, this is what two-bit dictators do – lock ’em up on bullshit charges.

As reported by Alex Swoyer of the Washington Examiner on 27 Nov, 2023 (emphasis mine);

  • A federal court in Rhode Island on Monday dismissed the latest case attempting to keep former President Donald Trump off the state’s ballot over the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
  • It’s the latest victory for Mr. Trump. Liberal advocacy groups have appealed lower court rulings in Colorado and Michigan that would keep Mr. Trump on the primary ballot next year, asserting that the Constitution’s clause on insurrection forbids him from being reelected following the 2021 Capitol attack.
  • The Minnesota Supreme Court also dismissed a case on Nov. 8 in an order, saying it couldn’t prevent the state party from putting Mr. Trump‘s name on their ballot.

In the meantime, back on 31 Aug, 2023, Antonio Fins of the Palm Beach Post cites;

  • A federal court judge in Fort Lauderdale [Florida] on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit challenging Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential candidacy under the 14th Amendment.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… we’re living in a Third-World dictatorship.