Attack of the RepubliCrats; How Every Member of the House Voted to Expel Rep. George Santos

I’ve already made my feelings know of how I feel of (at least what I consider) the blatantly unconstitutional expulsion of George Santos.

But thanks to the magic of the internet and the good folks at, I can share with the world the results of the recent House vote; those who voted aye, those who voted nay, those who voted ‘present’, and those who didn’t even bother to show up;

All Votes

Vote District Party Representative
Nay AL 1st   R   Carl, Jerry
Nay AL 2nd   R   Moore, Barry
Nay AL 3rd   R   Rogers, Mike
Nay AL 4th   R   Aderholt, Robert
Nay AL 5th   R   Strong, Dale
Nay AL 6th   R   Palmer, Gary
Yea AL 7th   D   Sewell, Terri
Yea AK   D   Peltola, Mary
Yea AZ 1st   R   Schweikert, David
Nay AZ 2nd   R   Crane, Eli
Yea AZ 3rd   D   Gallego, Ruben
Yea AZ 4th   D   Stanton, Greg
Nay AZ 5th   R   Biggs, Andy
Nay AZ 6th   R   Ciscomani, Juan
Yea AZ 7th   D   Grijalva, Raúl
No Vote AZ 8th   R   Lesko, Debbie
Nay AZ 9th   R   Gosar, Paul
Nay AR 1st   R   Crawford, Eric
Nay AR 2nd   R   Hill, French
Yea AR 3rd   R   Womack, Steve
Nay AR 4th   R   Westerman, Bruce
Nay CA 1st   R   LaMalfa, Doug
Yea CA 2nd   D   Huffman, Jared
Yea CA 3rd   R   Kiley, Kevin
Yea CA 4th   D   Thompson, Mike
Nay CA 5th   R   McClintock, Tom
Present CA 6th   D   Bera, Ami
Yea CA 7th   D   Matsui, Doris
Yea CA 8th   D   Garamendi, John
Yea CA 9th   D   Harder, Josh
Present CA 10th   D   DeSaulnier, Mark
Yea CA 11th   D   Pelosi, Nancy
Yea CA 12th   D   Lee, Barbara
Nay CA 13th   R   Duarte, John
Yea CA 14th   D   Swalwell, Eric
Yea CA 15th   D   Mullin, Kevin
Yea CA 16th   D   Eshoo, Anna
Yea CA 17th   D   Khanna, Ro
Nay CA 18th   D   Lofgren, Zoe
Yea CA 19th   D   Panetta, Jimmy
Nay CA 20th   R   McCarthy, Kevin
No Vote CA 21st   D   Costa, Jim
Nay CA 22nd   R   Valadao, David
Nay CA 23rd   R   Obernolte, Jay
Yea CA 24th   D   Carbajal, Salud
Yea CA 25th   D   Ruiz, Raul
Yea CA 26th   D   Brownley, Julia
Yea CA 27th   R   Garcia, Mike
Yea CA 28th   D   Chu, Judy
Yea CA 29th   D   Cárdenas, Tony
No Vote CA 30th   D   Schiff, Adam
No Vote CA 31st   D   Napolitano, Grace
Present CA 32nd   D   Sherman, Brad
Yea CA 33rd   D   Aguilar, Pete
Present CA 34th   D   Gomez, Jimmy
Yea CA 35th   D   Torres, Norma
Yea CA 36th   D   Lieu, Ted
Yea CA 37th   D   Kamlager-Dove, Sydney
Yea CA 38th   D   Sánchez, Linda
Nay CA 39th   D   Takano, Mark
Nay CA 40th   R   Kim, Young
Nay CA 41st   R   Calvert, Ken
Yea CA 42nd   D   Garcia, Robert Julio
Yea CA 43rd   D   Waters, Maxine
Yea CA 44th   D   Barragán, Nanette
Nay CA 45th   R   Steel, Michelle
No Vote CA 46th   D   Correa, Luis
Nay CA 47th   D   Porter, Katie
Nay CA 48th   R   Issa, Darrell
Yea CA 49th   D   Levin, Mike
Yea CA 50th   D   Peters, Scott
Yea CA 51st   D   Jacobs, Sara
Yea CA 52nd   D   Vargas, Juan
Yea CO 1st   D   DeGette, Diana
Yea CO 2nd   D   Neguse, Joe
Nay CO 3rd   R   Boebert, Lauren
Nay CO 4th   R   Buck, Ken
Nay CO 5th   R   Lamborn, Doug
Yea CO 6th   D   Crow, Jason
Yea CO 7th   D   Pettersen, Brittany
Yea CO 8th   D   Caraveo, Yadira
Yea CT 1st   D   Larson, John
Yea CT 2nd   D   Courtney, Joe
Yea CT 3rd   D   DeLauro, Rosa
Nay CT 4th   D   Himes, Jim
Yea CT 5th   D   Hayes, Jahana
Yea DE   D   Blunt Rochester, Lisa
Nay FL 1st   R   Gaetz, Matt
Nay FL 2nd   R   Dunn, Neal
Nay FL 3rd   R   Cammack, Kat
Nay FL 4th   R   Bean, Aaron
Present FL 5th   R   Rutherford, John
Nay FL 6th   R   Waltz, Michael
Nay FL 7th   R   Mills, Cory
Nay FL 8th   R   Posey, Bill
Yea FL 9th   D   Soto, Darren
Yea FL 10th   D   Frost, Maxwell
Nay FL 11th   R   Webster, Daniel
Nay FL 12th   R   Bilirakis, Gus
Nay FL 13th   R   Paulina Luna, Anna
Yea FL 14th   D   Castor, Kathy
Nay FL 15th   R   Lee, Laurel
Nay FL 16th   R   Buchanan, Vern
Nay FL 17th   R   Steube, Gregory
Nay FL 18th   R   Franklin, Scott
Nay FL 19th   R   Donalds, Byron
Yea FL 20th   D   Cherfilus-McCormick, Sheila
Nay FL 21st   R   Mast, Brian
Yea FL 22nd   D   Frankel, Lois
Yea FL 23rd   D   Moskowitz, Jared
Yea FL 24th   D   Wilson, Frederica
Yea FL 25th   D   Wasserman Schultz, Debbie
Nay FL 26th   R   Diaz-Balart, Mario
Nay FL 27th   R   Salazar, Maria
Nay FL 28th   R   Gimenez, Carlos
Nay GA 1st   R   Carter, Earl
Yea GA 2nd   D   Bishop, Sanford
Nay GA 3rd   R   Ferguson, Drew
Nay GA 4th   D   Johnson, Hank
Nay GA 5th   D   Williams, Nikema
Nay GA 6th   R   McCormick, Rich
Yea GA 7th   D   McBath, Lucy
Nay GA 8th   R   Scott, Austin
Nay GA 9th   R   Clyde, Andrew
Nay GA 10th   R   Collins, Mike
Nay GA 11th   R   Loudermilk, Barry
Nay GA 12th   R   Allen, Rick
Yea GA 13th   D   Scott, David
Nay GA 14th   R   Greene, Marjorie
Nay HI 1st   D   Case, Ed
Yea HI 2nd   D   Tokuda, Jill
Nay ID 1st   R   Fulcher, Russ
Nay ID 2nd   R   Simpson, Mike
Present IL 1st   D   Jackson, Jonathan
Yea IL 2nd   D   Kelly, Robin
Yea IL 3rd   D   Ramirez, Delia
Yea IL 4th   D   García, Chuy
Yea IL 5th   D   Quigley, Mike
Yea IL 6th   D   Casten, Sean
Yea IL 7th   D   Davis, Danny
Yea IL 8th   D   Krishnamoorthi, Raja
Yea IL 9th   D   Schakowsky, Jan
Nay IL 10th   D   Schneider, Brad
Yea IL 11th   D   Foster, Bill
Nay IL 12th   R   Bost, Mike
Yea IL 13th   D   Budzinski, Nicole (Nikki)
Yea IL 14th   D   Underwood, Lauren
Nay IL 15th   R   Miller, Mary
Vote District Party Representative
Nay IL 16th   R   LaHood, Darin
Yea IL 17th   D   Sorensen, Eric
Yea IN 1st   D   Mrvan, Frank
Nay IN 2nd   R   Yakym, Rudy
Nay IN 3rd   R   Banks, Jim
Nay IN 4th   R   Baird, James
Nay IN 5th   R   Spartz, Victoria
Nay IN 6th   R   Pence, Greg
Yea IN 7th   D   Carson, André
Nay IN 8th   R   Bucshon, Larry
Nay IN 9th   R   Houchin, Erin
Nay IA 1st   R   Miller-Meeks, Mariannette
Nay IA 2nd   R   Hinson, Ashley
Nay IA 3rd   R   Nunn, Zachary (Zach)
Nay IA 4th   R   Feenstra, Randy
Nay KS 1st   R   Mann, Tracey
Nay KS 2nd   R   LaTurner, Jake
Nay KS 3rd   D   Davids, Sharice
Nay KS 4th   R   Estes, Ron
Yea KY 1st   R   Comer, James
Nay KY 2nd   R   Guthrie, Brett
Nay KY 3rd   D   McGarvey, Morgan
Nay KY 4th   R   Massie, Thomas
Nay KY 5th   R   Rogers, Hal
Nay KY 6th   R   Barr, Andy
Nay LA 1st   R   Scalise, Steve
Yea LA 2nd   D   Carter, Troy
Nay LA 3rd   R   Higgins, Clay
Nay LA 4th   R   Johnson, Mike
Nay LA 5th   R   Letlow, Julia
Nay LA 6th   R   Graves, Garret
Yea ME 1st   D   Pingree, Chellie
Nay ME 2nd   D   Golden, Jared
Nay MD 1st   R   Harris, Andy
Nay MD 2nd   D   Ruppersberger, A. Dutch
Yea MD 3rd   D   Sarbanes, John
Yea MD 4th   D   Ivey, Glenn
Yea MD 5th   D   Hoyer, Steny
Yea MD 6th   D   Trone, David
Yea MD 7th   D   Mfume, Kweisi
Nay MD 8th   D   Raskin, Jamie
Yea MA 1st   D   Neal, Richard
Yea MA 2nd   D   McGovern, Jim
Yea MA 3rd   D   Trahan, Lori
Nay MA 4th   D   Auchincloss, Jake
Yea MA 5th   D   Clark, Katherine
Yea MA 6th   D   Moulton, Seth
Yea MA 7th   D   Pressley, Ayanna
Yea MA 8th   D   Lynch, Stephen
Yea MA 9th   D   Keating, William R.
Nay MI 1st   R   Bergman, Jack
Nay MI 2nd   R   Moolenaar, John
Yea MI 3rd   D   Scholten, Hillary
Nay MI 4th   R   Huizenga, Bill
Nay MI 5th   R   Walberg, Tim
Yea MI 6th   D   Dingell, Debbie
Nay MI 7th   D   Slotkin, Elissa
Yea MI 8th   D   Kildee, Daniel
Nay MI 9th   R   McClain, Lisa
Yea MI 10th   R   James, John
Yea MI 11th   D   Stevens, Haley
Nay MI 12th   D   Tlaib, Rashida
Yea MI 13th   D   Thanedar, Shri
Nay MN 1st   R   Finstad, Brad
Yea MN 2nd   D   Craig, Angie
No Vote MN 3rd   D   Phillips, Dean
Yea MN 4th   D   McCollum, Betty
Yea MN 5th   D   Omar, Ilhan
Nay MN 6th   R   Emmer, Tom
Present MN 7th   R   Fischbach, Michelle
Nay MN 8th   R   Stauber, Pete
Nay MS 1st   R   Kelly, Trent
Yea MS 2nd   D   Thompson, Bennie
Present MS 3rd   R   Guest, Michael
Nay MS 4th   R   Ezell, Mike
Yea MO 1st   D   Bush, Cori
Nay MO 2nd   R   Wagner, Ann
Nay MO 3rd   R   Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Nay MO 4th   R   Alford, Mark
Nay MO 5th   D   Cleaver, Emanuel
Nay MO 6th   R   Graves, Sam
Nay MO 7th   R   Burlison, Eric
Nay MO 8th   R   Smith, Jason
Nay MT 1st   R   Zinke, Ryan
Nay MT 2nd   R   Rosendale, Matthew
Nay NE 1st   R   Flood, Mike
Yea NE 2nd   R   Bacon, Don
Nay NE 3rd   R   Smith, Adrian
No Vote NV 1st   D   Titus, Dina
Nay NV 2nd   R   Amodei, Mark
Nay NV 3rd   D   Lee, Susie
Nay NV 4th   D   Horsford, Steven
New Hampshire
Yea NH 1st   D   Pappas, Chris
Yea NH 2nd   D   Kuster, Ann
New Jersey
Present NJ 1st   D   Norcross, Donald
Nay NJ 2nd   R   Van Drew, Jefferson
Yea NJ 3rd   D   Kim, Andy
Nay NJ 4th   R   Smith, Chris
No Vote NJ 5th   D   Gottheimer, Josh
Yea NJ 6th   D   Pallone, Frank
Yea NJ 7th   R   Kean, Thomas
Nay NJ 8th   D   Menendez, Robert Jacobsen
Yea NJ 9th   D   Pascrell, Bill
Yea NJ 10th   D   Payne, Donald
Yea NJ 11th   D   Sherrill, Mikie
Yea NJ 12th   D   Watson Coleman, Bonnie
New Mexico
Yea NM 1st   D   Stansbury, Melanie
Yea NM 2nd   D   Vasquez, Gabriel (Gabe)
Yea NM 3rd   D   Leger Fernandez, Teresa
New York
Yea NY 1st   R   LaLota, Nicolas
No Vote NY 2nd   R   Garbarino, Andrew
Nay NY 3rd   R   Santos, George
Yea NY 4th   R   D’Esposito, Anthony
Yea NY 5th   D   Meeks, Gregory
Yea NY 6th   D   Meng, Grace
Yea NY 7th   D   Velázquez, Nydia
Yea NY 8th   D   Jeffries, Hakeem
Yea NY 9th   D   Clarke, Yvette
Yea NY 10th   D   Goldman, Dan
Nay NY 11th   R   Malliotakis, Nicole
Yea NY 12th   D   Nadler, Jerrold
Yea NY 13th   D   Espaillat, Adriano
Yea NY 14th   D   Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria
Yea NY 15th   D   Torres, Ritchie
Yea NY 16th   D   Bowman, Jamaal
Yea NY 17th   R   Lawler, Michael
Yea NY 18th   D   Ryan, Patrick
Yea NY 19th   R   Molinaro, Marcus
Yea NY 20th   D   Tonko, Paul
Nay NY 21st   R   Stefanik, Elise
Yea NY 22nd   R   Williams, Brandon
Yea NY 23rd   R   Langworthy, Nicholas
Nay NY 24th   R   Tenney, Claudia
Yea NY 25th   D   Morelle, Joseph
Yea NY 26th   D   Higgins, Brian
North Carolina
Present NC 1st   D   Davis, Donald
Present NC 2nd   D   Ross, Deborah
No Vote NC 3rd   R   Murphy, Gregory
Yea NC 4th   D   Foushee, Valerie
Nay NC 5th   R   Foxx, Virginia
Yea NC 6th   D   Manning, Kathy
Vote District Party Representative
Nay NC 7th   R   Rouzer, David
Nay NC 8th   R   Bishop, Dan
Nay NC 9th   R   Hudson, Richard
Nay NC 10th   R   McHenry, Patrick
Nay NC 11th   R   Edwards, Charles (Chuck)
Yea NC 12th   D   Adams, Alma
Yea NC 13th   D   Nickel, Wiley
Nay NC 14th   D   Jackson, Jeffrey
North Dakota
Nay ND   R   Armstrong, Kelly
Yea OH 1st   D   Landsman, Greg
Nay OH 2nd   R   Wenstrup, Brad
Yea OH 3rd   D   Beatty, Joyce
Nay OH 4th   R   Jordan, Jim
Nay OH 5th   R   Latta, Robert
Nay OH 6th   R   Johnson, Bill
Yea OH 7th   R   Miller, Max
Nay OH 8th   R   Davidson, Warren
Yea OH 9th   D   Kaptur, Marcy
Nay OH 10th   R   Turner, Michael
Yea OH 11th   D   Brown, Shontel
Nay OH 12th   R   Balderson, Troy
Yea OH 13th   D   Sykes, Emilia
No Vote OH 14th   R   Joyce, David
Yea OH 15th   R   Carey, Mike
Nay OK 1st   R   Hern, Kevin
Nay OK 2nd   R   Brecheen, Josh
No Vote OK 3rd   R   Lucas, Frank
Nay OK 4th   R   Cole, Tom
Nay OK 5th   R   Bice, Stephanie
Yea OR 1st   D   Bonamici, Suzanne
Nay OR 2nd   R   Bentz, Cliff
Yea OR 3rd   D   Blumenauer, Earl
Yea OR 4th   D   Hoyle, Valerie
Yea OR 5th   R   Chavez-DeRemer, Lori
No Vote OR 6th   D   Salinas, Andrea
Yea PA 1st   R   Fitzpatrick, Brian
Present PA 2nd   D   Boyle, Brendan
No Vote PA 3rd   D   Evans, Dwight
Yea PA 4th   D   Dean, Madeleine
Yea PA 5th   D   Scanlon, Mary
Present PA 6th   D   Houlahan, Chrissy
Present PA 7th   D   Wild, Susan
Yea PA 8th   D   Cartwright, Matt
Yea PA 9th   R   Meuser, Daniel
Nay PA 10th   R   Perry, Scott
Yea PA 11th   R   Smucker, Lloyd
Yea PA 12th   D   Lee, Summer
Nay PA 13th   R   Joyce, John
Nay PA 14th   R   Reschenthaler, Guy
Nay PA 15th   R   Thompson, Glenn
Present PA 16th   R   Kelly, Mike
Nay PA 17th   D   Deluzio, Chris
Rhode Island
Nay RI 2nd   D   Magaziner, Seth
South Carolina
Nay SC 1st   R   Mace, Nancy
Nay SC 2nd   R   Wilson, Joe
Nay SC 3rd   R   Duncan, Jeff
Nay SC 4th   R   Timmons, William
Nay SC 5th   R   Norman, Ralph
Yea SC 6th   D   Clyburn, Jim
Nay SC 7th   R   Fry, Russell
South Dakota
Nay SD   R   Johnson, Dusty
Nay TN 1st   R   Harshbarger, Diana
Nay TN 2nd   R   Burchett, Tim
Nay TN 3rd   R   Fleischmann, Chuck
Nay TN 4th   R   DesJarlais, Scott
Nay TN 5th   R   Ogles, Andrew
Nay TN 6th   R   Rose, John W.
Nay TN 7th   R   Green, Mark E.
Nay TN 8th   R   Kustoff, David
Yea TN 9th   D   Cohen, Steve
Yea TX 1st   R   Moran, Nathaniel
Nay TX 2nd   R   Crenshaw, Dan
Nay TX 3rd   R   Self, Keith
Nay TX 4th   R   Fallon, Pat
Nay TX 5th   R   Gooden, Lance
Yea TX 6th   R   Ellzey, Jake
Nay TX 7th   D   Fletcher, Lizzie
Nay TX 8th   R   Luttrell, Morgan
Present TX 9th   D   Green, Al
Nay TX 10th   R   McCaul, Michael
Nay TX 11th   R   Pfluger, August
Nay TX 12th   R   Granger, Kay
Nay TX 13th   R   Jackson, Ronny
Nay TX 14th   R   Weber, Randy
Yea TX 15th   R   De La Cruz, Mónica
Present TX 16th   D   Escobar, Veronica
No Vote TX 17th   R   Sessions, Pete
No Vote TX 18th   D   Jackson Lee, Sheila
Nay TX 19th   R   Arrington, Jodey
Yea TX 20th   D   Castro, Joaquin
Nay TX 21st   R   Roy, Chip
No Vote TX 22nd   R   Nehls, Troy
Yea TX 23rd   R   Gonzales, Tony
No Vote TX 24th   R   Van Duyne, Beth
Nay TX 25th   R   Williams, Roger
Nay TX 26th   R   Burgess, Michael
Nay TX 27th   R   Cloud, Michael
Nay TX 28th   D   Cuellar, Henry
Yea TX 29th   D   Garcia, Sylvia
Yea TX 30th   D   Crockett, Jasmine
Nay TX 31st   R   Carter, John R.
Nay TX 32nd   D   Allred, Colin
Present TX 33rd   D   Veasey, Marc
Yea TX 34th   D   Gonzalez, Vicente
Yea TX 35th   D   Casar, Gregorio
Nay TX 36th   R   Babin, Brian
Yea TX 37th   D   Doggett, Lloyd
Nay TX 38th   R   Hunt, Wesley
Nay UT 1st   R   Moore, Blake
No Vote UT 3rd   R   Curtis, John
Nay UT 4th   R   Owens, Burgess
Yea VT   D   Balint, Becca
Nay VA 1st   R   Wittman, Robert
Nay VA 2nd   R   Kiggans, Jennifer
Nay VA 3rd   D   Scott, Bobby
Yea VA 4th   D   McClellan, Jennifer
Nay VA 5th   R   Good, Bob
Nay VA 6th   R   Cline, Ben
Yea VA 7th   D   Spanberger, Abigail
Yea VA 8th   D   Beyer, Donald
Nay VA 9th   R   Griffith, Morgan
No Vote VA 10th   D   Wexton, Jennifer
Present VA 11th   D   Connolly, Gerald
Yea WA 1st   D   DelBene, Suzan
Nay WA 2nd   D   Larsen, Rick
Nay WA 3rd   D   Gluesenkamp Perez, Marie
No Vote WA 4th   R   Newhouse, Dan
Nay WA 5th   R   McMorris Rodgers, Cathy
Yea WA 6th   D   Kilmer, Derek
Yea WA 7th   D   Jayapal, Pramila
Nay WA 8th   D   Schrier, Kim
Yea WA 9th   D   Smith, Adam
Yea WA 10th   D   Strickland, Marilyn
West Virginia
Nay WV 1st   R   Miller, Carol
Nay WV 2nd   R   Mooney, Alexander
No Vote WI 1st   R   Steil, Bryan
Yea WI 2nd   D   Pocan, Mark
Nay WI 3rd   R   Van Orden, Derrick
Nay WI 4th   D   Moore, Gwen
Nay WI 5th   R   Fitzgerald, Scott
Nay WI 6th   R   Grothman, Glenn
Nay WI 7th   R   Tiffany, Thomas
Nay WI 8th   R   Gallagher, Mike
Nay WY   R   Hageman, Harriet