What Happens When You ‘F**k With a Biden’; Team Joe’s Regulatory Harassment of Elon Musk

“No one f*cks with a Biden.” – Joe Biden. 5 Oct, 2022.

No, no, no. How dare Elon Musk buy Twitter. Then have the audacity to actually open the social media platform to allow free speech.

Goodness, gracious. The Leftie wailing and gnashing of teeth has been ratcheted up all the way to 11.

Yes, Slow Joe and friends are uber-pissed at the richest man in the world.

So, how do you take down the richest man in the world? Really simple. When the owner of one of the largest media platforms unshackles diversity of thought and expression, that’s when you militarize the bureaucracy.

As reported by Kathleen J. Anderson of PoliticalInsider.com;

When Elon Musk purchased Twitter, the Biden administration was none too pleased. Mainstream media was also apoplectic with this purchase, rightly concerned that the free speech absolutist at the helm would allow counter voices on the platform, making it exponentially harder to drive the national narrative.

When asked if Mr. Musk’s purchase and the man himself should be investigated, President Joe Biden said it wouldn’t be a bad idea to “look into” Elon Musk, and when pressed about how that could be done, President Biden said:

“There’s a lot of ways.”

Indeed, there seems to be. Let’s count the ways:

  1. Department of Justice (DOJ) pursuing criminal charges on alleged undisclosed personal benefits related to Tesla
  2. DOJ Civil Rights Division suit against SpaceX for alleged employment discrimination against foreigners
  3. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) demands X to turn over all internal communications related to Elon Musk
  4. FTC requesting X turn over a list of journalists who had access to X’s records
  5. Securities and Exchange Commission investigating Tesla for “forward-looking” statement regarding self-driving software
  6. US Fish and Wildlife Service reviewing alleged environmental damage caused by SpaceX rockets

And now the FCC. It could be possible that Elon won’t be getting a Christmas card from the White House this year.