(VIDEO) Five ‘Plus-Size Influencers’ All Dead Before the Age of 43

One of the most ironic true-isms is that death is just a part of life.

But first of all, I’ll admit that I recently took my own health for granted. Other than being in my 60s, I honestly believed that I was in good health. After all, I hit the gym four times a week with an extra 50 or 70 pounds strapped to me as I bust out an hour on the treadmill.

Due to something called Portal Vein Thrombosis damn near killing over two decades ago (the genetic thickening of my blood didn’t manifest itself until I was in my 40s), I’ve been pumping blood thinners ever since.

Under the illusion that I could eat whatever I wanted due to the ongoing friendship between me and Mr. Cardio as well as Warfarin, you can bet that I was no stranger to those delicious hot Italian sausage subs. And hot-dogs. And pulled BBQ pork sandwiches.

It goes without saying that I had eight “cardiac events” in a five day period. Since then, red meat and pork are a rarity, if at all.

Nonetheless, the same culture that can’t define a woman, as well as the normalization of pedophilia, now wants to convince us all that being morbidly obese is somehow “healthy”.

But as London’s DailyMail.com notes, five pro-fat advocates all are taking quite the dirt nap. Not surprisingly, all four were under 43-years of age.

Here are just a handful of the highlights;

The final videos posted to Brittany Sauer’s TikTok page make for upsetting viewing. Speaking tearfully to the camera, the 31-stone [434 pounds] social media star, who often posted defiantly ‘body-positive’ content about how ‘hot’ she felt in certain outfits, admitted with shocking candour that she had ‘ruined her life’ with food and binge eating.

Wafffler69 left holding the bag.

And it had left her, aged just 28, full of regrets.

US plus-size model Tess Holliday – who at 5ft 3in and 300lb has a BMI of 53, more than double the healthy range – a decision condemned ‘as dangerous and misguided’. [She was 37 when she died.]

Another TikTok star, @Wafffler69, died of a ‘presumed heart attack’, according to his brother, aged just 33 in January.

Real name Taylor LeJeune, he did not flaunt his weight but amassed 1.9 million followers by posting videos reviewing bizarre food, including reindeer meat and tinned ham from the 1960s. His last video, posted the day before he died, showed him eating a giant fruit loop in milk.


“Professor of ‘fat studies'” Dr. Cat Pausé. Really?

Jamie Lopez, who starred in US reality TV show Super Sized Salon, died from heart complications aged 37 last December. The show centred around obese women getting beauty treatments and featured the catchphrase: ‘Go big or go home.’

A well-known activist, professor of ‘fat studies’ Dr Cat Pausé, who questioned the links between weight and health, lost her life aged 42. Based at Massey University in New Zealand, she also presented a ‘fat positive’ radio show.