Australia to Make ‘Faith-Based Teachers’ Illegal to Hire at Faith-Based Schools?

Greens Party confused candidate, Mr. “Martine” Delaney.

I’m such a fan of Sky News Australia, I actually drop a couple of bucks to subscribe to them.

It’s because of these good folks Down Under that I’m made aware of certain news stories that the same media here in the States manage to ignore.

Overtly Catholic.

Case in point: The Catholic Archbishop of Hobart (Tasmania), Australia, Julian Porteus, found himself in court for over two years and at a cost of half-a-million Australian dollars ($336,436 US) defending himself before a State Tribunal for the high crime of sharing official Catholic Church Teachings with Catholic families whose children attend a Catholic school because those very same Catholic parents want their Catholic children to receive a Catholic education.

You with me so far? A Catholic archbishop was hauled before a “State Tribunal” for being an actual Catholic.¬†Shocking.

Just me, but it’s just a matter of time before they start rounding up conservative Catholic priests, Evangelical pastors and Jewish rabbis.