British General Warns of Possible Military Call-Up; GB News Conservative Fires Back

As Adm. Rob Bauer of the Royal Netherlands Navy recently warned, NATO going to war with Russia will come about sooner rather than later.

As the admiral stated just a few days ago, NATO nations may have to “find more people if it comes to war” and to consider “mobilisation, reservists or conscription”.

Adm. Rob Bauer, official captain of the NATO rowing team.

Well… no shit, admiral.

Dude, maybe if your navy consisted of a fleet more substantial than a handful of glorified rowboats, your crying wolf might carry a bit more weight.

Besides, our Coast Guard Auxiliary could kick your ass.

Anyhow, it looks as if some British general also has his hair on fire. As reported by London’s The Telegraph via Yahoo News;

The British public will be called up to fight if the UK goes to war because the military is too small, the head of the Army is to warn.

General Sir Patrick Sanders will stress the need for the Government to “mobilise the nation” in the event of war with Russia in a speech on Wednesday.

With the British Army being reduced to its smallest size for centuries, The Telegraph understands Gen Sir Patrick, who has been openly critical of troop cuts, wants British men and women to be prepared for a call-up if Nato goes to war with Putin.

Gen. Sir Patrick Sanders. Could you imagine the hell he took when he was a colonel?

It comes after a senior Nato military official warned that private citizens should prepare for an all-out war with Russia in the next 20 years, which would require wholesale change in their lives.

Adml Rob Bauer said that nations needed to be prepared to “find more people if it comes to war”, and to consider “mobilisation, reservists or conscription”.

However, anchor Leo Kearse of the conservative-leaning GB News had quite the opinion on the topic, as seen in the video below;

“For twenty years, all these like gimpy left-wing people callin’ me, hatin’ on me, denyin’ me jobs and stuff because apparently, I have ‘toxic masculinity’. Then all of a sudden you want that toxic masculinity to go and fight for them?”

For what it’s worth, GB News broadcasts live for free on Youtube.