There IS Hope for the Future; Meet Misha Petrov – Avowed Ex-Leftist, Solid Conservative

There aren’t a lot of Youtube political personalities that I actually subscribe to, but as I’ve noted in the past, there are a handful that I find either informative and/or entertaining.

Notably would be Greg Forman at Black Conservative Perspective as well as the Nuclear Grifter.

Added to that list would be Misha Petrov.

She keeps her personal life to herself, with the only exceptions that she’s an American, an ex-leftie, and lives someplace that’s really cold and snows a lot (I’ll stick with coastal North Carolina).

Assumably of Russian lineage, she certainly is proficient at the language as well as rockin’ the babushka.

By the way, kvas is a type of low-alcohol Russian home brew. Largely looked upon as essentially liquid bread, kvas was especially popular years ago when drinking water may be dangerous to one’s health.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy her videos. She really is a breath of fresh air.