Iran Claiming Territory in Antarctica for ‘Military and Scientific Work’

The only thing more laughable than the Islamic Republic of Iran generically making claims to the continent of Antarctica would be Team Biden’s pathetic response.

But yes, you heard it right. In spite of having a fleet comprised mostly of museum ships, some Iranian admiral claims that Iran will rightfully take claim to their “property rights in the South Pole.” By the way, please note that Iran’s alleged fleet has ships such as the IRIS Hamzeh 802, a corvette launched by a Dutch shipbuilding company in 1936.

Rapidly closing in on 100-years-old, the Iranian “warship” Hamzah.

Yes… 1936.

In the meantime, as reported by Fox News via, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said, “We have property rights in the South Pole. We have plan to raise our flag there and carry out military and scientific work.”

Closer to home, Fox News is also reporting (emphasis mine);

“Fox News Digital asked a U.S. State Department spokesperson if the recent American unfreezing of $6 billion in Iranian funds held in Qatar could be used by Iran to set up a base in Antarctica.

No. Iran’s funds held in Qatar may not be used for any activities in Antarctica,” the spokesperson said. “Those funds can only be used to purchase humanitarian goods, meaning food, medicine, medical devices and agricultural products.”

Wait a sec. Didn’t that Iranian admiral just say something about “scientific work”?

All the Iranians have to do to get around the Biden double-talk is to simply claim their “scientific research” is all for the betterment of mankind.

Bam. Six billion dollars just unlocked.

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