Can We Identify One of the Major Factors as to why Britain is Self-Destructing in Real Time?

Hefty, hefty, hefty…

As of late, I’ve been coming down pretty hard on the folks over in the United Kingdom. But in all fairness to myself, the examples are many and manifest. Here, I’ll just cite a few;

  • Even their so-called ‘conservatives’ are essentially little more than gutess liberals.
  • The majority demographic (white guys) no longer want to join the military or become cops.
  • Unelected bureaucrats from a massively bloated central government are actually making things worse for the average citizen.
  • From the outside looking in, one gets the distinct impression that law enforcement, both nationally and locally, rather enjoy targeting patriotic white Christians.

Wait… was I complaining about the United Kingdom or the United States? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Anyhow, I can help but wonder why it is that black Britons from the Commonwealth nations of the Carribean, as well as the Hindu and Sikh people from India actually make a point of not only striving integrate themselves into greater British society, but are also proud to call themselves Britons?

Perhaps a prime example of the squeaky (sword-wielding) wheel gets the grease, I can’t help but get the distinct impression that a certain demographic is trying their damnedest to turn Great Britain into Greater Pakistan.

By the way, in the British Army recruiting commercia below, I just can’t help but wonder the tactical purpose of stopping a patrol so one man can pray… with a white bullseye on his head.

On force marches, I managed to say my Rosary while on the move. Golly, and I didn’t even have to interrupt the tactical situation while the rest of the Marines around me had nothing better to do than twiddle their thumbs and look stupid.