(VIDEO) Time for a Caretaker Presidency? Now is the Time to Boot Biden and Harris

There are lots of elderly that are as sharp as a tack. Joe Biden isn’t one of them.

America is nine months away from our next presidential election. Eleven months from swearing-in the next president to will see this nation into the year 2029.

The word’s out – regardless of how well-meaning or patriotic they claim he is, even the Democrats realize that Joe Biden simply doesn’t have the mental fitness to continue as the President of the United States.

Between his public statements in just the past few days; Special counsel Robert Hur’s recently released report; and Biden’s press conference of yesterday, here are just a few highlights (lowlights) that should make us all sit up and take notice;

  • He recently recounted a meeting just a handful of years ago with French President François Mitterrand. President Mitterrand died in 1996.
  • He recently recounted a meeting just a handful of years ago with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Chancellor Kohl hasn’t been the German Chancellor since 1997. He also passed away in 2017.
  • He recently confused the meeting of the E7 leaders with that of the leaders of the NATO military alliance.
  • The Hur Report cites Biden of not knowing what year his son died.
  • The Hur Report cites Biden of not knowing what year he was sworn-in as vice president.
  • The Hur Report cites Biden of not knowing what year he was no longer the vice president.
  • In yesterday’s press conference, Biden forgot the name of the parish that holds an annual Rosary for the repose of his deceased son’s soul.
  • In yesterday’s press conference, Biden confused Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi with Mexican President Andrés López Obrador.
  • In yesterday’s press conference, Biden claimed that Mexico shares a border with the Gaza Strip.

On a personal note regarding the presser, I can’t recall the Establishment Press EVER dog-piling like they did on Biden yesterday, but that’s just me. It also didn’t help that Biden screamed at the press like they were a bunch of teen-agers walking on his lawn.

With that aside, it’s pretty obvious that even the Dems don’t like Kamala Harris. But they’re stuck with this brainless cackle-machine.

Face it, Kamala Harris is the embodiment of ‘You break it, you bought it.” Possibly with the exception of Joe Biden, Harris has the lowest poll numbers than anyone else in DC.

So where does that leave the United States between now and Jan 20, 2025?

Even if the Biden Cabinet were to invoke the 25th Amendment, Harris would be our next president. Nobody wants that.

Knowing just how swampy DC really is, maybe it’s time to consider a caretaker presidency.

Be he booted via the 25th or via impeachment and conviction by the House and Senate, Biden needs to go.

She can either resign gracefully or face impeachment and conviction. Harris doesn’t have many options.

As everyone already know, the next in line for the presidency is the Speaker of the House.

Who knows… could the Establishment GOP saddle-up with the Dems to throw tons of money at Ukraine and Israel in exchange for less than a year’s worth of an Oval Office sans Biden/Harris?

Who know? Stranger things have come out of DC.