(VIDEOS) Questions Unasked: Tucker Carlson’s FLOP Interview with Vladimir Putin

I’ve made it clear that I’m no fan of Tucker Carlson, although I’ve have made it clear that I fully support Carlson’s right to interview anyone he damn well pleases.

I still support that view. But I’m still no fan of Carlson.

First, I wanted to see the interview, just to take it all in. Then I watched it for a second time, this time taking notes.

After the first viewing, I couldn’t help but be of the opinion that Putin suffers from the Napoleon/Little Man Syndrome. After the second viewing, I’m convinced.

But back to the topic at hand. Within the first one minute and 30 seconds, Putin managed to insult Carlson. To which Carlson responded with his patented high-pitched laugh. Putin did the same at the 23:20 mark.

Did Carlson not realize that he was just insulted to his face… twice? Guess not.

Then Putin soon asked for a free 30 seconds (or possibly up to a full minute) to straighten out Carlson’s possible misunderstanding of Ukrainian-Russian history. That lasted for half-an-hour.

At 14:20, Putin claims that it was the mean, ‘ol Poland who somehow forced Hitler’s Germany to attack the Western-half of the Polish nation on Sept. 1, 1939.

Nothing from Carlson regarding the Russian/Soviet invasion on Sept. 17, 1939, of Eastern Poland. Little known fact that the USSR occupied more of Poland than did Nazi Germany.

To his credit, Carlson did ask that even though Putin made clear that he’s always considered Ukraine as part of the greater Russian nation and people, then why wait 22-years to invade?

That’s a good question. After many minutes of Putin side-stepping, no pushback from Carlson.

At 39:30, Putin claims that some sort of secret agreement was made from the West that there would be no NATO expansion to the East.

I was waiting for Carlson to hammer back for specifics of this mystery agreement or even as to why sovereign nations such as Poland, Lithuania, etc., are now subject to a Moscow veto for these same nations to join any defense agreement their little hearts desires.

Never happened.

50:45. More fairy tales of Russia having some sort of veto power regarding Ukraine joining NATO. The best pushback Carlson could must was asking what Western leader did Putin call. That’s it.

It was at the 53:50 minute mark, the topic of the supposed “De-Nazification” of Ukraine came up. To his credit, Carlson asked Putin to specify what he means by “De-Nazification.”

Putin made clear that the reason for invading Ukraine was to denazify the nation. There was zero push-back from Carlson.

Putin went as far as to claim that these was some type of agreement made in Istanbul, Turkey, that have him the right to fight Naziism in Ukraine. Again, no push-back from Carlson.

Not a single question as to how much of Ukraine does he plan to “liberate” from these nasty Nazis. Should Russian troops take Kiev? How about Lvov? Mabey even all the way to the Ukrainian towns of Hrushiv or Nyzhankovychi? By the way, both of these towns sit on the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Again, to his credit, at the 1:03:50 mark, Carlson laughed in Putin’s face when he stated he couldn’t remember the last time he spoke to Joe Biden. Putin claims he can’t remember, even though it’s Biden funding the war against him.

Bravo, Tucker. That was pretty ballsey, especially in light that you were sitting right there in the Kremlin.

The third insult to Carlson was at the 46:08 mark. When the topic of the 2014 Revolution of Dignity (Revoliutsiia hidnosti) against then Ukrainian (and pro-Russian) President Viktor Yanukovych. Specifically, his subsequent leaving office, Carlson asked, “With the backing of whom?” Putin placed the supposed secret-backing directly on the CIA. No push-back from Carlson.

But it should be mentioned that Putin made a point of reminding Carlson that he once considered joining the same CIA;

“The organization that you wanted to join back in the day. We should thank God that they didn’t let you in. From what I understand, it’s a serious organization.”

Of course, Carlson just sat there and nodded as he listened to the translation.