As British Army Begs, US Army Slashes Troops to be ‘Better Equipped to Fight Future Wars’

Not the Baylon Bee. Actual British Army recruiting posters. Is the US far behind?

As the old saying goes, “Don’t shit on my shoes, then call it a spit-shine.”

Since the says of America’s War of Independence, the American army’s pool of manpower has always been young, white, Christian males.

However, in recent years, young, white, Christian males have constantly had it hammered home that they are the evil that’s supposedly beleaguered this nation ever since America’s War of Independence and beyond.

America’s alleged military “leadership” have all arguably, “gone woke”. Just my opinion, but the Pentagon is just as onboard with the Biden agenda than the State Department… and that’s pretty bad.

But in the meantime, is citing an official US Army report detailing that the branch will cut troop strength by roughly 24,000. As noted, the army claims this will help in their ability to “fight future wars.”

But don’t fret. The fact that the Army Recruiting Command is in free fall has absolutely nothing to do with it (sarcasm, off).

Young white Christian males are the problem. Never mind Anzio, Normandy, and Bastogne. 

To further prove that the same US Army is cutting manpower so they can better fight wars in the future, the same report notes, “The Army’s plan includes the reduction of approximately 10,000 positions connected with counter-insurgency operations, 2,700 positions from units that are not regularly deployed, and 6,500 additional posts and training positions.”

But wait, there’s more. Additionally, roughly 10,000 positions will be stricken from the roles of the following;

  • Cavalry squadrons
  • Security force assistance brigades
  • Infantry brigade combat teams
  • Stryker brigade combat teams

Interesting. Cutting the actual number of warfighters somehow makes a force more lethal? On what planet?

But in all fairness, no one at the Pentagon actually knows what a woman is. So there’s that.

Just me, but if this nation continues on the path the leftists and globalists salivate over, when push comes to shove with the likes of China or Russia, our military will be so gutted… so hollowed out… our country will only have two choices;

  1. Surrender
  2. Full-blown nuclear war

In the meantime, take a gander at what the once vaunted British Army is now up to. Yes, they’re openly calling upon “snowflakes and phone zombies” to fill the ranks that literally no one wants to fill.

Just me, but this lil’ fellah doesn’t have enough hair-jell in his/her/its head.