Biden’s Origin Tale Just May Constitute Charge of Lying to a Federal Agent

The Chinese Resident and the Grand Cyclops, Robert “KKK” Byrd.

It really is sad to say, but I really don’t think Joe Biden can comprehend where the truth ends and the lies begin.

Between the fables of Biden supposedly accepting a Purple Heart for his uncle; to his openly lying of his college records; to his claiming ignorance to any of his crackhead son’s foreign business dealings, it’s fair to say that Biden is little better than a two-bit, lying son-of-a-bitch.

Case in point would be his lying to Special Counsel Robert Hur. Just me, but I just can’t help but wonder if the likes of CNN, the New York Times, or MSNBC will ever pickup on this story (sarcasm, off).

Anyhow, reporters Joseph Simonson and Andrew Kerr of the Washington Free Beacon have uncovered that in Biden’s recent testimony to Hur, Slow Joe’s ‘origin story’ isn’t just highly questionable, but physically impossible. But then again, I’m sure Joe’s sycophants believe that he’s capable of defying time and space (yet again, sarcasm, off).

As noted by Simonson and Kerr (emphasis, mine);

“For nearly two decades, President Joe Biden has told a story about why he devoted his life to politics. He repeated the tale, at the risk of facing criminal charges for lying to a federal agent, while speaking to Special Counsel Robert Hur in October 2023.”

“Fresh out of law school and working as a clerk at a high-powered Wilmington, Delaware, law firm, Biden, in his telling, was tapped to defend a construction company sued by a 23-year-old welder who “lost part of his penis and one of his testicles” to a fire that broke out when he was working inside a chimney at a Delaware City plant. Thanks to Biden’s shrewd legal defense on the construction company’s behalf, the injured man lost the case.

“I wrote this memo. And son of a b—, it prevailed,” Biden told Hur on Oct. 8. “And I looked over at that kid…and I thought, ‘son of a b—, I’m in the wrong business, I’m not made for this.’

Biden said he was so wracked with guilt that he concocted an excuse to avoid a celebratory lunch with one of the firm’s named partners and walked into the public defender’s office to ask for a job that very day. It’s “the only time I ever lied,” Biden told Hur on Oct. 8. Thus began, according to a New York Times report on the special counsel interview, “a career that would one day take him to the White House.”

“But this story is almost certainly a complete work of fiction.”

“Although Biden did work at a law firm tapped to defend a construction company in a negligence suit like the one he described to Hur, the case concluded in 1968, while Biden was still in law school. And the welder won, walking away with $315,000, more than $2.8 million in 2024 dollars.”