Misogyny on Steroids; Men Pretending to be Women Stole Nearly 900 Sporting Scholarships, Records from True Women

If the Trans-Gestapo was honest, their motto would be, “Men are so much better than women, they even make better women…”

Imagine a young girl who just celebrated her 12th birthday a handful of months ago. This same young girl also just competed in her first regional swimming competition.

That same young girl would eventually become a student/athlete at the University of Kentucky where she would win the SEC (Southeastern Conference) championships for both the 200 yd. Butterfly and the 200 yd. Freestyle.

Her chromosomes are not birth defects.

Now imagine a young man attending the University of Pennsylvania. He, too, is a student/athlete as a member of UP’s swim team. Unlike the young lady as previously mentioned, this young man wasn’t so good.

As noted by SwimmingWorldMagazine.com, this young man was ranked 554th in the NCAA.

Strangely enough, as Lou Reed once penned, “Shaved her legs and then he was a she…”

Identifying as a woman, the young man is now the #1 swimmer of the Division 1 Mid-Major of the NCAA.

Of course, we all recognize the young lady as Riley Gaines, the young man as William Thomas (since re-branded as Lia Thomas).

But the main thrust of this isn’t Gaines’ legitimate beef against Thomas and the rest of the thugs involved with the Trans-Gestapo.

This is about a particular website named SheWon.org and an outstanding article by LifeSiteNews.com.

Specifically, the good folks over at Life Site just nailed Jerry Nadler’s ample ass to the wall;

Men have taken nearly 900 awards, scholarships, or other honors from female athletes, according to SheWon.org, contrary to the claims of far-left Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler.

But a leading Democratic congressman denies not just biological reality, but this reality as well.

“Men do not compete in women’s sports,” far-left New York Democratic congressman Jerry Nadler claimed during a congressional hearing several weeks ago. “Transgender women [sic] may compete in women’s sports,” he said. However, it is a biological fact and moral truth that no one can change his or her gender.

He said he objected to entering “mistruths” into the congressional record.

Republican congresswoman Harriet Hageman of Wyoming wanted to enter into the record stats on females injured by male athletes as well as stolen titles. SheWon.org has cataloged the stolen titles, proving that men, in fact, do compete in women’s sports.