(VIDEO) Yet Again, Biden States Another Lie of His Past – Liberal Media Yawns

I realize that few will find this surprising, but America’s Diapered-in-Chief has uttered yet another obvious lie in regard to his childhood.

As seen in the video tweet below, here’s but another blatant fairy tale blurted in a moment of speaking before thinking;

“People say to me … ‘How about all those hardworking people who grew up and had no opportunity to go to college?’ I get it! That’s the neighborhood I come from!”

However, as History.com cites;

The first of four siblings, Biden attended a series of Catholic schools, including the elite preparatory high school Archmere Academy.

As someone who knows from personal experience, Catholic schools ain’t cheap. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

Unfortunately, I can’t find the cost of tuition at the aforementioned Archmere Academy back in the late 1950s through the early 1960s.

Which, by the way, was and still is one of the most expensive schools in Delaware (as noted by PrivateSchoolReview.com).

According to Archmere Academy’s own website, the cost for one academic year will run the parents a cool $35,200.

Keep in mind that only four states+1 (Washington, DC) have a statewide average private school tuition higher than Archmere Academy.

Based on my own personal opinion (and common sense), I’d wager that this particular parochial school back then was just as out of reach for Blue Collar parents as it is now.