(VIDEO) Dutch Conservative Warns Europeans that Replacement Theory is Now a Reality

Conservative activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek as well as spokeswoman for the decidedly Right-Wing Dutch political party Forum for Democracy is sounding-off that Europe is essentially committing ethnic suicide.

Plesse note that the fertility rates in Europe have nose-dived since the rise of post-modern Europe.

For any given demographic to continue its own existence, the number of live births must be greater than 2.01 children. For the continent overall, the rate is merely 1.5 children per family, as noted by Statistica.com.

According to the same source, the only political entities in Europe that will successfully propagate the species, only the Faroe Islands (2.71) and Monaco (2.08) will succeed.

As cited by WorldAtlas.com, a whopping 15 percent of French citizens have no genealogical lineage to any of the French indigenous groups (Bretons, Aquitanians, Ligurians, Burgundians, Alemanni, etc).

But back to Eva Vlaardingerbroek…

As a guest speaker at this year’s European CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) held in Budapest, Hungary, Vlaardingerbroek made the case that Europe isn’t just being flooded with illegal immigrants from North Africa, the Middle-East, and sub-Saharan Africa… there are certain European politicians making a concerted effort not just to import the Third-World to Europe, those same European politicians are purposefully attempting to replace the original European people.

As noted in part from her speech (video, below);

In Paris, hundreds of African migrants took to the street to riot. And in Brigolo, also in France, yet another church was burned down to the ground. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just a few incidents in just a couple of days on our beautiful continent.

Vlaardingerbroek celebrating Spanish conservatives.

But we all know that these incidents aren’t incidents anymore. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that we know, and our governments also know, that there is a link between mass migration and crime. In a Dutch city of Dordrecht, something interesting happened the other day.

They announced, and this is a small city in the Netherlands, in my home country, that a new asylum center will be put in that little town. And what did the municipality do? They said, we are going to offer citizens who live in the vicinity of this center a thousand euros to take extra safety measures. Our new reality in Europe consists of frequent rapes, stabbings, killings, murders, shootings, even beheadings.

But let me be clear about one thing. This did not used to happen before. This is a newly imported problem.

Far from done, Vlaardingerbroek also stated;

Everyone who has eyes can see it. The native white Christian European population is being replaced at an ever-accelerating rate. Let me back this up for you with some statistics from my home country.

Let’s take Amsterdam, the capital. Amsterdam currently consists of 56 per cent migrants. The Hague, 58 per cent migrants.

Rotterdam, almost 60 per cent migrants. And, of course, most of these immigrants come from non-Christian, non-Western, African and Middle Eastern countries. Conclusion, the Dutch population is already outnumbered in the majority of our cities.

But let’s look onwards. London, 54 per cent migrants. Again, conclusion, native population outnumbered.

The Right’s own ‘racist’ milk maid.

Brussels, colour me shocked, 70 per cent migrants. Conclusion, native population majorly outnumbered. And other Europeans will, of course, follow suit soon if they haven’t already.

So, I’m going to draw the forbidden conclusion here. The Great Replacement Theory is no longer a theory. It’s reality.

Interestingly enough, just a few years past, both the European Union and the Dutch government itself came down with some rather anti-Dutch directives, taxes, fees, etc., against Holland’s farmers, beef ranchers, and fowlers.

When Vlaardingerbroek went public in defense of her nation’s dairy farmers, she posed with a few pints of homegrown moo-juice.

Of course, the reaction of the Left? Obviously, milk is racist (see tweet, below);