(VIDEO) RFK, Jr. and the ‘Worm That Ate Part of my Brain’

I guess I’ve always known that an RFK, Jr. has at least existed, but my first real introduction to him was more than a few years back when he was shilling for some law office fishing for people to call a 1-800 number to sign on with some class action lawsuit.

My first thought, “What the hell’s wrong with this guy’s voice?” I just assumed that he had some type of sickness that made him sound like Katherine Hepburn when she did “On Golden Pond”.

But just a few days ago, I heard his own sister slamming his presidential run, telling the world to vote for the Roomba-in-Chief. Needless to say, she also sounded like a freshly harvested Giant Sequoia slowly creaking and crashing to Earth.

OK, it must be something familial. But then again, maybe bro and sis shared the same parasite.