The Left Eat Their Own; Pro-Hamas Thugs Attempt to Crash NYC’s Met Gala

I love it, I love it, I love it. Anytime the Lefties manage to let their attack chihuahuas get loose, that makes my heart happy.

That’s just what happened when all the “beautiful people” gathered at New York City’s hyper-hoity-toity Metropolitan Museum of Art to basically look at each other and virtue signal.

But wait, there’s more.

As seen in the news video below, at least one major (and screamingly Left-Wing) university will be moving their commencement ceremony someplace off campus, and another major (and screamingly Left-Wing) university has announced that the entire cap and gown ceremony has been totally canceled.

By the way, the same video notes of yet another major (and screamingly Left-Wing) school up North has threatened to suspend some of the more militant protesters. To that, I say, “So what?” Suspension doesn’t mean a damn thing. Suspended students can still eventually graduate from these alleged institutes of higher learning. The only long-term action of consequence would be expulsion. But of course, nothing like that will ever happen.

But back to the goings on at The Met; as reported by possibly the most pro-Hamas news propaganda service in Western Europe, The Guardian of London (by the way, The Guardian purposefully reported the number of protesters as “dozens”. Oddly enough, the NYPD estimated the number as closer to “nearly a thousand…” Interesting, huh?);

Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters came within a block of disrupting celebrity fashion’s biggest night out – the Met Gala – on Monday evening in a dramatic conjunction of forces that was separated only by New York police and metal barricades.

Some protesters, chanting “Rafah!, Gaza!”, said it was their intention to crash the gala. Others said they didn’t know about it. At times, a roughly equal number of police were guiding the winding protest through New York’s Upper East Side as they were preventing fashion fans from getting a glimpse of their favorite celebrities.

“I would say that in the past five years, it’s gone nuts,” said one doorman in uptown Manhattan, referring to the scene outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the Costume Institute fundraiser is held. “Now they’re closing off the streets, and people are coming dressed up to watch.”