(VIDEO) Conservative German Politician Convicted of Telling the Truth

Marie-Thérèse Kaiser, convicted of telling the truth.

Warning the uninformed (I said ‘uninformed.’ I didn’t say ‘stupid’) that the political Left is flirting uncomfortably close to Orwell’s 1984 is officially a waste of time.

Why so? Simple – the line from 1984 is now actually happening.

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” is now part of the canon of law in a nation that’s been on a forced guilt-trip for nearly 80 years.

In the rush to de-Nazify Germany at the end of WWII, the only thing the Western powers succeeded in doing was psychologically castrating the German people and nation. As much as I am proud of my Bavarian heritage, there is no way in hell I’d so much as visit Germany, let alone live in that still Fascisti excuse for a country.

What has me so wound up is the tale of 27-yr-old up-and-coming conservative politician, Marie-Thérèse Kaiser. As a member of the AfD Party (Alternative for Germany: Alternative für Deutschland), the reliably Leftie media does their damnedest to portray her and her party is the reincarnation of dei Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

Asking people to think for themselves is now strictly verboten.

Shockingly enough (sarcasm off), the AfD’s motto is “Europa neu denken” (roughly translated as “European New Thinking”). Wow, what a revolutionary concept.

As it turns out, Marie-Thérèse Kaiser posted factual information online regarding Afghan “migrants” and sexual assaults on German women and girls.

As reported by the Tampa Free Press (via MSN.com);

A conservative German politician has been convicted and sentenced for “inciting hate” after she made a social media post warning women about gang rapes committed by Middle Eastern immigrants.

According to the European Conservative website, on Tuesday, an appellate court upheld the conviction of Marie-Thérèse Kaiser, a leader of the conservative AFD party in Germany. The court’s decision kept in place a fine for Kaiser of roughly $6,500.

Kaiser took to social media at the time after left-wing First Mayor Peter Tschentscher of Hamburg announced the city would accept 200 immigrants from Afghanistan. She warned about “culturally alien masses” raping German women.

In her social media post, Kaiser wrote: “Afghanistan refugees; Hamburg SPD mayor for ‘unbureaucratic’ acceptance; Welcoming culture for gang rape?”

As European Conservative reported, Kaiser also “linked to an article showing that Afghans in Germany are particularly heavily involved in gang rape.”

It showed that per 1 million residents, 41 Afghans and 23 Africans had been identified as rape suspects.

In comparison, the same was true for just three foreigners who were not in those groups and only 0.6 for native Germans.

Für Niedersachsen (For Lower Saxony).

The graphic also noted that Afghans and Africans were 40 times and 70 times more likely to commit rape than native Germans.

In her initial court proceeding, Kaiser declared, “The mere mention of numbers, data, and facts is to be declared a criminal offense simply because the establishment refuses to accept reality. I won’t let myself be silenced.”

In handing down the ruling to reject her claims this week, Judge Heiko Halbfas said, “Those who attack human dignity cannot invoke freedom of speech.”

The judge’s comment sounds an awful lot like another Orwellism; “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

I believe it’s important to note the following from HumanEvents.com regarding the case against Kaiser;

Kaiser went on to state that there was a threat to German women by “culturally alien masses.” She then referenced a series of articles that cited government statistics showing that Afghan migrants were disproportionately carrying out sex crimes in the country.

Did anyone else catch that? “Cited government statistics…”