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(VIDEO) Two PAINFULLY SIMPLE Questions for Chairman Biden: When Is *Enough is Enough*, and What Science are You Basing Your COVID Mandate On?

I was told not to answer any questions.

By this point, everyone already knows that Biden has promised not only open borders, but this numbskull has also based his COVID mandate for employers apparently on no science whatsoever. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Both Largely Ignored by MSM: Trump Kills 300 Russian Mercenaries in Syria; Biden Kills 10 Innocent People in Kabul

By now everyone is familiar with the news (video below) that the United States launched a drone strike that may have been targeted at ISIS-K jihadists, but ended up killing three Afghan adults and seven Afghan children… all innocent. Continue reading

Szechuan Smack-Down: Xi Jinping Insults, Refuses Meeting w/ Sleepy Joe

Who’s the boss?

I’d like a #28 with extra go-to-hell sauce…

For the Establishment Media, this might be worthy of paying attention to for a just moment or two. After all, President Wonderful has basically just been told that he’s the junior partner on the world stage. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Milley Freak-Out: Even if True, He Has ZERO Authority Regarding Nukes

An awful lot of my fellow conservatives are beside themselves over the possible news that this four-star turd Mark Milley has committed treason due to his alleged telling his Chinese Communist counter-part that he somehow has the authority to personally override a supposed Trump order to nuke China. Continue reading

Shhh… Glacier National Park Quietly Removes Sign Warning ‘Glaciers will Disappear by 2020’

Old Sun Glacier perched on the side of Mt. Merrit in Glacier National Park.

Oopsie. Looks as if the Nervous Nellies at Montana’s famed Glacier National Park (GNP) have quite a bit of self-inflicted egg on their collective faces. Continue reading