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(VIDEO) Crack’d-Head Kamala Breaks the Land Speed Record of ‘Working Together’

Manages to out-Biden Biden.

How in the hell does Kamala Harris manage to make herself even more incompetent than she already is? Of course, this is a rhetorical question.

But having a first row seat to the Vice Presidential Slow-Motion Trainwreck Variety Hour sure is a hoot. Continue reading

What Could Go Wrong? Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson All Invest in Lab-Grown Breast Milk

Easy on the sunscreen, fat-ass.

Mmmm… you know what would go down well with that slab of artificial laboratory-grown meat? How ’bout a big, cold glass of artificially produced breast milk grown from the cells of a (supposedly) human woman’s mammary glands?

Any chance for maybe some cloned Oreos for dippin’? Prolly not.

But all of a sudden, they magically know what a woman is. How convenient.

Continue reading

(VIDEO) California Democrat Praises Abortion Because of Rising Inflation, ‘How Many Mouths are you Going to Have to Feed?’ Dems Sugar-Coat Abortion Language

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) represents California’s 45th Congressional District, encompassing the inland sections of the once Republican stronghold of Southern California’s Orange County. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Baby Formula Shipped to Illegals at the Border; Leftie US Media Late Reporting Formula Shortage

Baby formula earmarked for illegal aliens.

“This is what America last looks like.” – Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL).

All of a sudden, the American media is all over the factual nationwide shortages of baby formula. It was over a full month ago that I cited a British news agency reporting that there were huge shortages in the United States of infant formula. Continue reading