More Widespread Than You Think: When Blacks ‘Misappropriate’ European Culture

There’s an awful lot of ink being spilled over those horrific white folks consistently culturally misappropriating from the culture of Sub-Saharan black Africans. Especially from those originating from Equitorial West Africa.

Those who hang their hats on this particular non-problem are usually white and black Neo-Marxists. Just from where I sit, it’s usually self-loathing white libtards.

Just to set the record straight, I really don’t care if whatever black guy or gal uses or even embraces some physical thing, invention, and/or philosophical notion that has European roots.

With that… on with the show.

With the overwhelming majority of American Jews belonging to the Ashkenazi (European) branch of Judaism which is well over 2,000 years old, I find it curious that Caryn Elaine Johnson has chosen to brand herself as Whoopi Goldberg.

A name like that more deservedly belongs to a long dead comedian who was a big hit a half-century ago in the Catskills.

Cornrows and dreadlocks. Any white kid seen sporting either hairstyle is immediately attacked for stealing from black culture.

However, dreads and cornrows only go back to 2,000 BC on the Horn of Africa. Strangely enough, the Left ignores the Venus of Hohle Fels (fertility goddess) of Germany, which dates back to at least 33,000 BC.

Now we come to learned men such as Julian Francis Abele, Louis Arnett Stuart Bellinger, and Paul Revere Williams, etc. All were giants in their own right in the world of architecture. Interestingly enough, the style of architecture that they specialized in was quite Euro-centric.

It should be noted that before Europeans made extensive contact with black Africans, the largest building in all of the majority black region of the continent was essentially a three-story mud hut (also known as the Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali). Note: The mosque was rebuilt in 1907 by local leader Ismaila Traoré by use of slave labor.

Ever heard of the Kingdom of Oyotunji? Neither have I. Keep in mind that my wife is from the Low Country of South Carolina, as well as me serving half of my Marine Corps career stationed in the Carolinas. But to ensure we’re all on the same sheet of music, Okotunji is officially located at 56 Bryant Ln, Seabrook, SC.

Claiming to be an independent nation based totally on the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, for whatever inexplicable reason, the kingdom has electricity and indoor plumbing. It should also be noted that if you’d like an official Letter of Invitation to tour the 27 acre pretend country, it’ll only cost you $150.

I’ll end with noting that the overwhelming majority of black Africans as well as those of the African Diaspora wear Euro-centric clothes, use European-invented medical devices (eyeglasses, hearing aids, pacemakers, etc.), live in homes of European cultural design, was educated in a school system of European origin, enjoys the types of entertainment that began in Europe, etc.

At a minimum, those of the African Diaspora that live in America’s legal system of innocent until proven guilty, that’s based upon… you guessed it, European Common Law.

I’d wager none of them would want it any other way.

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