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(VIDEO) American Combat Troops Requested for Deployment to Haiti

Swine feces and urine, human feces and urine, rotting garbage, all in the drinking water. Welcome to Haiti!

Many American cities look like Haiti…

While the Chinese Resident Chou Bia-Dung continues to federally subsidize laziness and erase any semblance of manliness to the US armed forces, this just may be a combat mission right up the globalist to-do list. Continue reading

Disturbing Video of Jill and Chou: ‘Joe, Pay Attention’, Even Stranger Interview Regarding Dead Wife

Who’s the boss?

And why is it that his “stuttering” only manifested itself when he adopted the Grampa Joe persona?

While speaking to a group of American Air Force pukes at the US/UK base of RAF Mildenhall, tucked-away in a sparsely populated corner of Suffolk County, England, Jill Biden very well may have revealed more than she meant to. Continue reading