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Shhh… Glacier National Park Quietly Removes Sign Warning ‘Glaciers will Disappear by 2020’

Old Sun Glacier perched on the side of Mt. Merrit in Glacier National Park.

Oopsie. Looks as if the Nervous Nellies at Montana’s famed Glacier National Park (GNP) have quite a bit of self-inflicted egg on their collective faces. Continue reading

Chairman Joint Chiefs Claims Climate Change is ‘Serious Threat’ to US: So What? Little Known FACTS Regarding JCS

These guys are in-charge of two things, “Jack” and “Shit”… and Jack just left town.

I’ve posted about this before, and much like a stalker ex-girlfriend, this gigantic pain in the ass keeps showing up. Sadly, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are again all in the headlines. Continue reading