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(VIDEOS) Painful to Watch: Biden’s Alleged ‘Town Hall’ Was Just… Bizarre

I am Cornholio! I need TP for my bung hole.

#FJB, #EmptyShelvesJoe, #LetsGoBrandon…

I didn’t watch the CNN, Anderson Cooper hosted, “invitation only” audience, blatantly fraudulent excuse of what was touted as a supposed “Town Hall Meeting.”

By the way, if those in attendance were hand-picked by the organizers, it’s not a real Town Hall Meeting. At least not one in the American sense. Soviet Union or Communist China? Yeah, that’s what Biden and CNN foisted upon We The People last night. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Win-Win: Why Trump Should Jump on the Opportunity to Meet w/ Lil’ Kim

Senile pedophile in sight. Distance; 1000 yards. Bearing, 297°.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the age-old phrase “Hoisted on your own petard” dates back to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (emphasis mine);

This oft-heard phrase owes its popularity to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which the titular character says, “For ’tis the sport to have the engineer hoist with his own petar[d].” (A petard is a medieval explosive. The quote implies that the engineer—the person who sets the explosive device—is blown into the air [hoisted] by the explosion of his own device.)

Today’s news coming out of the White House gives President Trump the perfect opportunity to hoist the fraudulent occupier of the Oval Office upon his own petard. Continue reading

Washington State Ferries and School Buses: Vax Mandates Trigger More ‘Sick-Outs’

Biden’s well practiced “tough guy” look.

In all fairness to that idiot Inslee, he’s just taking cues from that idiot Biden…

With the effects of this past weekend’s sick-out by pilots and air traffic controllers at the Jacksonville, Florida, international airport still reverberating as of the time and date of this article, it certainly appears as if sick-outs and work slow-downs are spreading across the nation. Continue reading

Stand Your Ground: Brave Federal Workers Stage ‘Sickout’ to Protest Biden’s JAB Mandates

Nicht mein Führer.

Major disruption. Nearly 2,000 flights cancelled in just two days.

Perhaps proving the power that We The People actually have against unconstitutional dictates emanating from an overreaching central government, an unknown number of pilots and federal workers essentially shutdown north-eastern Florida’s Jacksonville International Airport. Continue reading

Here We Go Again: FBI Investigating Sexual Assault by Afghan Evacuees Against Female Soldier

Joe Biden bragged during the 2020 campaign that he would have the most transparent administration in US history. Nonetheless, Afghan refugee sexual crimes are taking an awful lot of time before hitting the press.

Continue reading

(VIDEO) Two PAINFULLY SIMPLE Questions for Chairman Biden: When Is *Enough is Enough*, and What Science are You Basing Your COVID Mandate On?

I was told not to answer any questions.

By this point, everyone already knows that Biden has promised not only open borders, but this numbskull has also based his COVID mandate for employers apparently on no science whatsoever. Continue reading