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Keep the Lie Alive; British Paper STILL Claims Rittenhouse ‘Shot Three Black Men’, Took AR-15 Across State Lines

#FreedKyle #FJB #ArrestFauci #FBLM #Fantifa

Thanks to the sharp-eyed folks over at Breitbart.com, the London-based leftist rag better known as The Independent has not only lied once to the world regarding the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, but twice. Continue reading

Biden WH Orders ALL Federal Websites Yank Lists of US Weapons Abandoned to Taliban Jihadists

Dreaming of applesauce.

Amazing as the headline describes, the Sleepy Joe Administration has ordered that every single federal website scrub any mention of the $85 billion haul the Islamist terrorists snatched-up in the form of US taxpayer-paid-for military equipment.

Seemingly overnight, the Taliban just became one of the most powerful armies on the face of the planet. Thanks, Joe.

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