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(VIDEO) Rep. Matt Gaetz DESTROYS Gen. Milley, SecDef Austin

“You’re happy failing-up…”

Thank God for Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL). Finally… FINALLY someone from the House had the guts to rip directly in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley as well as the current Secretary of Defense and ex-Army General Lloyd Austin.

For context, when Rep. Gaetz brought up Austin’s tour of duty as commander of CentCom, as the Washington Examiner noted;

A plan to train and equip 3,000 Syrian rebels to fight ISIS turned into a public relations nightmare.

The $500 million program produced a mere 52 fighters, some of whom were killed or captured by al Qaeda as soon as they returned to Syria.

In the meantime, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be cheering and applauding Rep. Gaetz as he dissects these two fail-ups with a chainsaw.

(VIDEO) Milley Freak-Out: Even if True, He Has ZERO Authority Regarding Nukes

An awful lot of my fellow conservatives are beside themselves over the possible news that this four-star turd Mark Milley has committed treason due to his alleged telling his Chinese Communist counter-part that he somehow has the authority to personally override a supposed Trump order to nuke China. Continue reading