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More Stunning News: Fulton County, GA 2020 Audit ‘Hand Recount was Wrong by 60%’

Lefticrat media totally ignoring this…

Just a few short weeks ago, the Establishment Media was figuratively jumping for joy when Georgia Superior Court Judge Brian Amero dismissed seven out of nine claims by Garland Favorito and his grassroots organization, Voter GA. Continue reading

Just Like Pres. Trump Spoke of at the Dallas CPAC, the Media’s Ongoing, Slobbering Love Affair with the Demented One

Choco chocolate chip induced brain-freeze…

Yeah, I realize that the video (below) that I’m using is not exactly something new. Yet as President Trump spoke of at this past weekend’s CPAC conference in Dallas, Texas, the treatment Joe Chi Minh is getting from the reliably compliant Establishment Media really is just over-the-top nauseating.
Continue reading

Gruesome Video: Conor McGregor Fractures his Leg in UFC Bout with Dustin Poirier

Not only did President Donald Trump arrive unexpectantly at the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena for the much anticipated McGregor-Poirier UFC rematch, there were rather loud cheers of “USA!” and “Trump!” reverberating off the walls. Continue reading