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(VIDEO) Both Largely Ignored by MSM: Trump Kills 300 Russian Mercenaries in Syria; Biden Kills 10 Innocent People in Kabul

By now everyone is familiar with the news (video below) that the United States launched a drone strike that may have been targeted at ISIS-K jihadists, but ended up killing three Afghan adults and seven Afghan children… all innocent. Continue reading

Catholic Civil War: Traditionalist Archbishop Labels Francis ‘Liquidator of the Catholic Church’ and ‘Head of the Most Extremist Faction of Progressivism’

A particularly close relationship between Archbishop ViganĂ² and President Trump.

Is the pope Catholic? Not this one…

It’s a fair bet that most Americans are unfamiliar with Archbishop Carlo ViganĂ² (pronounced: Vee-gah-no), but he certainly does know Americans… and has an exceptionally frank and no-holds-barred relationship with President Trump. Continue reading