SCOTUS Reaction: Colorado Sec of State Goes Full Crazy-Eyes

Full-blown case of TDS. Mostly effecting the optical orbits.

Who’s the REAL “threat to democracy”?

Colorado’s Secretary of State doesn’t seem to understand not only the reason for the SCOTUS, but also the powers of the SCOTUS.

Jena Griswold certainly goes full crazy-eyes as she literally makes herself look less intelligent than the average court fool.

Never mind the quite diverse SCOTUS ruled 9-0 against her.

It never gets old watching Lefties pout. Continue reading SCOTUS Reaction: Colorado Sec of State Goes Full Crazy-Eyes

Shhh… US Media Ignores Trump BACK on the Colorado Ballot

While the 4-3 decision by the Leftie controlled Supreme Court of Colorado (SCOC) has done nothing more than to set in stone the conservative and libertarian opinion that there really is two systems of justice here in the United States. Continue reading Shhh… US Media Ignores Trump BACK on the Colorado Ballot

Deep State Goes Full Third-World Dictatorship – Throws Trump Off Colorado Ballot

In spite of President Trump never being found guilty in any trial even remotely close to insurrection and/or treason, the Colorado State Supreme Court decided that President Trump violated the US Constitution three years ago.

As reported by Joe Mueller of the Washington Examiner via;

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled former President Donald Trump should not appear on the state’s 2024 presidential primary ballot.

In a 4-3 decision, the state’s highest court ruled Trump is “disqualified from holding the office of President under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.” In a 213-page document, the justices, all appointed by Democrat governors, overruled a Colorado District Court decision by Judge Sarah Wallace stating Trump’s speech on Jan. 6 “incited imminent lawless violence” but didn’t meet the definition of “engagement” found in the 14th Amendment.

It doesn’t end there.

The ruling stated the court’s admission of 31 findings from the “Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol” was appropriate.

You mean the same Select Committe that was hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi? That one…?

“Under the deferential standard of review that governs, we perceive no error by the district court in admitting portions of the report into evidence at trial,” the justices wrote.

Of course, they didn’t. Everyone knows that Stalin-esque show trials are a prerequisite for keeping your main competition from replacing you.

The justices also wrote the definitions of “engaged in” and “insurrection” aren’t defined in the U.S. Constitution.

Hmmm… so STATE Supreme Courts decide how the US Constitution should be interpreted?

How interesting.

The Vice-Presidential Sweepstakes: The Heirs Presumptive; The Longshots; The Trumpian Wild Cards

We all pretty much agreed that Mike Pence was the safe choice back in 2016. He certainly had the governmental experience chops, him being an ex-congressman and an ex-governor and all.

But right after The Great Theft of 2020, we all also found out that Mike Pence was about a reliable (and palatable) as a mayonnaise sandwich left out in the sun for three days.

So, who will The Donald choose for the bottom of the ticket this go ’round?

The Heirs Presumptive
Let’s talk about the easy choices first. Who are the lay-ups?

Probably someone one younger, someone familiar with the inner workings of The Swamp, but also someone who is a reliable Trumper.

Reps. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan come to mind. Members of Congress like these two are both fearless and reliable.

A number of members of Congress would be an easy choice for Veep.

So does Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota. She not only has executive experience, she’s also has four terms as a US Congresswoman.

Noem is young, has executive AND legislative experience, and being physically attractive checks an awful lot of boxes.

The Longshots
Personally, I think Sen. Ted Cruz would be an easy choice. He just might qualify to be in the Heir Presumptive category.

But not so fast. One of the Cardinal Rules of choosing a Veep, never choose someone who could outshine you.

Besides, we all know that Trump has quite the ego. I just don’t see him playing well with any of the GOP heavyweights.

That’s pretty much the definition of Arizona’s Kari Lake. Lake would be the darling of Trump’s base, and she would certainly make mincemeat of Kamala Harris in any debate.

But we have to be honest. Elections are won by appealing to the independents.

The Nazicrats and the leftie media would do a massive hit job by portraying Lake to the welfare addicted as a threat. And the welfare queens are quite a large and reliable leftist voting block.

She may not be chosen as the Veep, but I can easily see Lake in the Trump White House. Don’t let that pretty face fool you, She’s Chief of Staff material.

Another longshot would be Gov. Ron DeSantis. But you never know… they might pull a Reagan-Bush agreement like they did back in 1980. But that’s one a helluva longshot of Trump and DeSantis putting aside an awful lot of bad blood.

One other longshot is someone that’s close to my heart, North Carolina’s Lt. Gov Mark Robinson.

For those that don’t remember, he’s the one that went before the Greensboro City Council in 2018 to defend every law-abiding American citizen of our rights under the Second Amendment.

Before running for the Lt. Governorship of the Tar Heel State, Robinson was employed at a furniture factory. But Robinson’s made it clear he has his eyes on the Governor’s Mansion in 2024. God loves a working man.

My last guess would be self-made multi-multi-millionaire and 2024 Republican presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy.

A razor-sharp mind and unbelievably articulate, Ramaswamy would be my first choice if Trump decided for whatever reason to leave the race.

But facing reality, Ramaswamy doesn’t really bring a lot to the table. The Indian-American community isn’t that much of a voting block, and his common-sense way of speaking would almost guarantee that the leftie media would start a Kari Lake-style of attack on him.

Much like Lake, I could easily see Ramaswamy in a Trump Cabinet. Anyone who can make $600 million in 16-years would be a no-brainer at Treasury or Commerce. Someone with that kind of chutzpah could also be one fine Secretary of State.

The Trumpian Wild Cards

If Donald John Trump is known for any one thing, it’s his ability to do what no one saw coming. Anyone who gives me any grief on who I think the wild cards are, I just ask one question: Could you think of either as a more Trumpian choice?

Not much text… just their pics. But I will quickly note that Gabbard dumped the Democrat Party (she’s not officially an independent), and she did campaign for Kari Lake.

RFK, Jr. is so pissed at the “new” Democrat Party, however slim the chances, he just might be angry enough to jump parties. Especially w/ the DNC shutting down all primary debates. That’s gotta piss him off to no end.

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