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(VIDEO) Take a Breath: Keep the Rittenhouse Trial in Perspective

Gaige Grosskreutz and his Glock 27 .40S&W pistol. Still not arrested for a convict illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

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The fate of Kyle Rittenhouse is literally just hours away. Many of us have been glued to whichever Youtube channel is providing on the spot coverage of when the jury informs Judge Bruce Schroeder of their collective decisions. Continue reading

Rittenhouse Trial: 500 National Guardsmen Deploy to Kenosha, Ready for the Rioters

#FreeKyle #FJB #ArrestFauci #LetsGoBrandon

If and when the two murder charges and one attempted murder charge against Kyle Rittenhouse are found to be false, don’t be shocked if the same thugs who rioted during the summer of 2020 return to Kenosha to pickup where they left off. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Kyle Rittenhouse Breaks-Down on the Stand

Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother being consoled while her son is on the stand.

#FreeKyle #FJB #FBLM #Fantifa

To me, it was plainly obvious that young Kyle Rittenhouse had no intention to purposefully hurt anyone when the Kenosha Riots happened during the summer of 2020. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Witness Drops MASSIVE Bomb on Prosecution, Rosenbaum Screamed ‘I’ll Kill You, Motherf*ckers’, ‘Cut Your Hearts Out’

#FreeKyle #FJB #FBLM #Fantifa

Regarding the shooting death of Joseph Rosenbaum, other than him being a loudmouth, ex-con and pedophile, the legal question that many are asking is if Rosenbaum ever displayed murderous intent. Continue reading