What’s in a Name? Schools with Strange and Unique Mascot Nicknames

So, what is in a name? Thankfully, more than a few schools go against the grain.

Some are whimsical, some take a swipe at political correctness. All of them are fun. Continue reading What’s in a Name? Schools with Strange and Unique Mascot Nicknames

UGH! Someone has Grandmother Issues – Fired CNN+ Anchor Declares his Love for ‘Sexy’ Nancy Pelosi

GMILF. No, I’m not putting a slight spin on the acronym made famous for describing Stiffler’s mom of “American Pie” fame.

This is more the actual sound I would make from vomiting
after actually readding Rex Chapman’s tweet regarding his unrequited love for the Congressthing from San Francisco (AKA: “Sodom by the Bay“).

Other than being sexually attracted to a woman quickly approaching her mid-80s, the ex- (Achem) journalist recently shot out to the world the following on social media;

How charming. But wait, there’s more.

Personally, I’d like it if someone reminded this bonehead that Social Security was instituted by the Democrats, not the Republicans.

Then we come to this quizzical post where he shifts 180

On another personal note, I’m quite sure that Nanc was at least passably cute back in the days of Mathew Brady and daguerreotypes. But keep in mind that on the day she was born, the Speaker of the House was Rep. William B. Bankhead (D-AL).

Rep. Bankhead’s father was Capt. John A. Bankhead of the Alabama 16th Infantry Division of the Confederate Strates of America.