Arizona State Senator Warns Biden’s AG, ‘Touch Arizona Ballots or Machines’ he will ‘Spend Time in an Arizona Prison’

Never mind the estimated 250,000 illegal aliens that have poured into this nation since Jan. 20th; pay no attention to the 21st century sexual-slavery trade taking place place with Joe Chi Minh’s approval; and please look the other way while our children must attend eight-hours of government indoctrination five days a week.

Nahh… the Chou Bia-Dung’s Attorney General Merrick Garland and the rest of the Jackbooted thugs at the Dept. of Justice are way more interested in the Arizona State Senate’s lawful audits of Maricopa County’s auditing 2.1 million ballots cast during the 2020 presidential election.

Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers just fired off a tweet (below) to AG Garland letting him know that if he has any thoughts of seizing any of the ballots or auditing machines used by the Arizona senate’s constitutionally lawful audit, Garland just may be facing an unwanted stay in one of the state’s correctional institutes.

What very well may have raised the ire of Sen. Rogers was Garland’s recent announcement of his placing the Arizona senate on notice.

In a none-too veiled threat, Garland threw-down the gauntlet when he spoke of “scrutiny of post-election audits to ensure that they abide by federal statutory requirements…”

Apparently, Garland is apparently unfamiliar with the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution as well as the legality of the workings of the Arizona legislature.

Aggravating an already triggering moment for Lefticrats, Comrade Barry’s Chief Enforcer and self-proclaimed “wingman”, Eric Holder called for the Department of Justice to get “aggressively involved” in lawfully ordered state audit of ballots.

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