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New York Magazine Reporter’s New Book: Frustrated Obama Asks Aide ‘Shoot. Me. Now.’ Regarding Biden’s Ramblings

Yowza. National correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti of the hard-left leaning New York Magazine has decided to give book writing a bit of a whirl… and it sure looks like his debut tome will have something for everyone. Continue reading New York Magazine Reporter’s New Book: Frustrated Obama Asks Aide ‘Shoot. Me. Now.’ Regarding Biden’s Ramblings

ICYMI: Greta Thunberg Declared by Lutherans as ‘Successor of Christ’

For those who may have missed it (mainly for a near media black-out here in the States), the official twitter site for Limhamn parish of the Lutheran Church of Sweden openly declared that the darling of the Left, Greta Thunberg, has been personally selected by Jesus Christ Himself as His “successor.”
As seen in the tweet below in Swedish on Dec. 1, 2018; the translation is “Announcement! Jesus of Nazareth has now appointed one of his successors, Greta Thunberg.”

While this may come as somewhat of a shock to the rest of us who consider no one as the “successor of Christ”, the good folks over at the Washington Examiner has noted some very interesting post put out by the Church of Sweden, proper (emphasis mine);

The Church of Sweden has a history of promulgating climate alarmism and Greta Thunberg particularly, noting on their official website, “When the Amazon burns, we gather to fight for Mother Earth together.”

Side note: Catholic and Eastern Orthodox bishops consider themselves as having “Apostolic succession” while the Bishop of Rome is the “Successor of St. Peter.” No one in the Catholic or Orthodox world considers themselves as the “Successor of Christ.”
With that aside, Andrew Bolt of Sky News Australia recently announced that the “cult” of Thunberg has essentially died. As noted by Bolt, Thunberg’s sole public appearance of 2022 was a brief whining at the Glastonbury (England) Music Festival.
Golly gee… ya think the people of Europe have realized that without fossil fuels, it’s gonna be one cold, dark and long winter?

Fizzling Star: Democrat College Professor and Ex-State Senator Fails to Understand that Taxpayers Fund Government

Hate fossil fuels? Just buy an electric vehicle. After all, harnessable electricity just exists.
Despise the notion of cows, pigs and chickens being slaughtered? Just buy your beef, pork and poultry neatly trimmed and cellophane-wrapped at your local supermarket. After all, prepared fleshmeat just exists.
Lastly, if you’re fed-up with the problem of not enough free stuff to those either too stupid or too stupid to improve their lot in life, just print more money. After all, the funding of governments at all levels just exists.
Back to that inconvenient state of being better known as reality;
  • Batteries store electricity, they don’t create it. Any 7th Grader in shop class understands that.
  • What’s sold in the meat department use to moo, oink or cluck. Deal with it.
  • When the Founding Fathers purposefully designed our federal government to NOT have the ability to permanently tax the income of the citizenry, they knew what they were doing. It was the birth of the “Swamp Creatures” at the turn of the last century that legitimized the federal government to extort money from the average citizens.
Sadly, there are plenty of people throughout the world who actually believe the following;
  • Batteries create energy.
  • Cows have nothing to do with those delicious T-Bone steaks
  • Since the Feds run all the federal mints, they can just print money that has no real value in and of itself. It literally isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.
Thanks for taking us off the gold standard, Mr. Nixon. But that’s another story.
Anyhow, regarding the third example I gave, I’d like to introduce you to Ohio’s own Nina Turner;
  • Failed US Congressional candidate. Ex-state senator, and current history professor at some community college located in the wilds of urban Cleveland.
  • Well known in Ohio as one of the stalwarts of Socialist Bernie Sanders, Turner just shot out a tweet that made her the laughingstock of social media.

To wit, this nit-wit was scorched on Twitter.

(VIDEO) If You Thought Sleepy Joe’s Sniffer Videos Were Creepy…

Of course, we’ve all seen the pics of Creepy Joe Biden sniffing women’s hair. Or even worse, him getting all freaky-deaky fondling a pre-pubescent little girl’s nipple.

As cringy and disturbing as the many, many times Biden has been… “inappropriate, shall I say… when within the molestation burst radius of the Fairer Sex, the below video clip rates right up there in the Biden crime family’s Wall of Shame.

Just my take, but here are the two things that screamed out to me;

  1. Why is New York’s Chuck Schumer hovering over Biden like a vulture waiting for flesh to turn to carrion?
  2. Did anyone else notice the look of total confusion and disorientation after Biden signed that bill into law? Might be time to up the dosage for his Adderall, Ritalin and Wellbutrin.

(VIDEO) Standard Libscum Screams of Trump’s ‘Many Provable Criminal Acts’; Can’t Seem to Name a Single One

Jackasses on parade.
Like many other conservatives, I’m of the belief that liberals rely much more on feelings than they do on factual information. Liberals are simply the epitome of emotional knee-jerk reactions. Continue reading (VIDEO) Standard Libscum Screams of Trump’s ‘Many Provable Criminal Acts’; Can’t Seem to Name a Single One