(VIDEO) The National Security Threat That Doesn’t Exist: Biden’s Bogeyman of ‘White Supremacy’

Fake tough guy.

Popular culture tells us that the Nazi Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels is the one credited with coining the phrase, “If you tell the Big Lie long enough and loud enough, people will eventually believe it to be the truth.” Or at least words to the effect.

With that said, according to Chou Bia-Dung, ‘The most lethal threat to the homeland… are white supremacists.”

Interesting. Especially coming from the guy who didn’t want his kids growing up in “a racial jungle.

But as seen on Newsmax TV (seen here) yesterday, Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) plainly stated on the “Stinchfield” on Tuesday that Chairman Chou’s fear campaign “is a fabricated issue.”

Example: During testimony at a House Armed Services hearing, Fallon queried as to how may troops have been kicked-out of the military. As the former US Air Force officer stated;

  • Out of 220,000 US Marines (active and Reserves), four have received the boot.
  • Of the 1.1 million US Army soldiers (to include Army Reserves and National Guard), nine were sent packing.

Despite waiting “a couple of months,” the Navy and the Air Force have yet to respond the the congressman’s painfully simple question. But Fallon did opine that when the Navy and the Air Force finally do respond, the numbers will be “comparable” to the Marines and the Army.

Rep. Fallon said the military held a one-day “stand down” in which every member of the armed forces as well as the 700 thousand civilians employed by the DoD attended mandatory training sessions regarding so called white extremisn at an estimated cost of $600-$700 million to the taxpayers..

So to make sure I have this right… maybe a couple dozen now-discharged troops are “The most lethal threat to the homeland”?

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