(Video) RINO State Senator Booed Off the Stage at Turning Point USA

Booed off the stage.

Remember Arizona Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita? If not, that’s ok. But she sure did make headlines about one month ago in the Grand Canyon State.

It was on June 29th when a vote was taken in the Arizona Senate that effectively killed a proposal “which had over 34 serious election integrity and security provisions.”

Reporter Joseph Conradson of the GateWayPundit.com noted that Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R-Scottsdale) was one of the very few Republicans that voted against SB1241.

With all that aside for the moment, Ugenti-Rita made a visit to the Turning Point USA meeting this past weekend in Phoenix.

Needless to say, the roughly 5,000 in attendance gave her a less than rousing greeting.

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