Atomic Bombings of Japan: Completely Justified

Seventy six years ago today, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. When researching the evidence, the headline above is absolutely correct.

Here’s some of my rationale;

1. In an invasion of the Home Islands, just the American casualty estimates were as high as 1.7 to 4 million wounded, with upwards of one million dead.

2. In an invasion of the Home Islands, British and Commonwealth (ANZAC, Indian, Gurkha, Canadian and other various Commonwealth) troops would be casualties with estimates as high as one million dead or wounded.

3. In the planned invasion of the Home Islands, Japanese civilian deaths from famine alone were estimated at a minimum of five million (only if Operation Starvation were ever implemented).

4. During the previous invasions of Saipan and Okinawa (both mere dots on a map), Japanese parents killed their children by the hundreds (some estimate thousands). Then the parents would kill themselves. What would happen during an invasion of the Home Islands, where millions and millions lived? Japanese family suicides would have invariably been in the millions.

5. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were far from “innocent” and purely civilian targets. Both were valid military targets. The Japanese government made sure of that, not the Americans.

a. Hiroshima was slated to be the HQ for the Japanese defense on the Southern Front (Operation “Getsu-Go“; Japan’s plans for defense of the home islands) when the Allies invaded (Operations Down Fall, Coronet and Olympic). Hiroshima alsone was home base for 43,000 Japanese troops waiting to kill American, British, and Commonwealth troops.

b. Nagasaki was home to two major Mitsubishi arms factories. America didn’t militarize Nagasaki… Japan did.

c. Both cities were military transportation hubs. America didn’t militarize the railways, airports and ports of these cities… Japan did.

d. I don’t buy of on this “it was an American anti-Catholic plot to kill Japanese Catholics when we hit Nagasaki”. Much like many German and Italian Catholics, Japanese Catholics had no problem whatsoever killing Yanks, Brits, Sepoys, Aussies, Kiwis, Johnny Gurkhas, Canucks, etc, by the truckload all for the glory of the Empire.

6. Hiroshima also had tens of thousands of soldiers stationed in and around the city. Hiroshima was also the HQ for the 2d Imperial Army. Again, making them valid military targets.

A Japanese soldier trains women and girls to fight with bamboo spears in 1945. Bushido, or “the way of the
warrior,” was a code deeply ingrained not only in the
military but also in Japan’s citizenry. Imperial Japanese Army

7. The entire nation of Japan was girding for armed combat. If you thought that the German Volkssturm units (children and old men who fought the Red Army like wolves to the death) were tough, wait until we met the Japanese Home Guard, bushido tradition and all.

And yes, nine-year old little Japanese boys and girls were in training to charge American machine gun nests with sharpened bamboo spears. Don’t kid yourself… they would have done it. Allied troops would have had no choice but to mow them down by the tens, if not hundreds of thousands. Unimaginable PTDS for millions of returning servicemen.

8. At least two million Japanese troops were already on the home islands. That’s two million men who had no intention of surrendering, and would kill every Allied soldier, sailor, Marine, airman and Coast Guardsmen possible. Example: During the recent Battle for Okinawa, Allied troops killed 100,000 fanatical Japanese troops. Less than 200 surrendered.

9. There was a slogan popular in Japan in the closing months of the war; “One hundred million heartbeats. One death”. Hmmm, what did they mean by that? National Hari-Kiri (ceremonial suicide) or a National Fight To The Death…. or a little bit of both?

10. Not only did the United States drop millions leaflets on 35 different Japanese cities (to include Hiroshima and Nagasaki) to immediately evacuate, there were also radio warnings sent every 15 minutes warning the Japanese civilians to evacuate their cities.

11. If we actually did invade the Home Islands, the timelines for every single person reading this would have changed. In a nightmare version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, it’s not exactly a leap of the imagination to realize that the circumstances of nearly every person on the planet would be dramatically changed. Most of us would probably never have even have been born.

12. If “the war was already over and Japan was ready to surrender” as the revisionists tell us… why did it take TWO atomic bombs to make Japan surrender?

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