(VIDEO) Whooza Goo Boi? Pit Bulls Kill Georgia Home Invader

Caution: Mess with my baby brother at your own risk.

Roughly 20 miles southwest of Atlanta’s outer suburbs, lies rural Coweta County. If Southern Charm, sweet tea, and oppressive summer heat and humidity are your thang, Coweta County could be your own personal Shangri-La.

One other thing that very well might be a big deal in Coweta would be pit bull terriers. At least they are at one particular residence not far from the tiny village of Madras.

Case in point would be the late Alex Binyam Abraha, 21 years of age, formerly of Atlanta. Who, by the way, had active warrants for his arrest in Fulton County.

But back to Abraha. As reported by WTVW/Fox13 of Tampa, Florida, Abraha was apparently attempting to rob a private residence, but only succeeded in finding his demise within the jaws of the two pit bulls who live there.

Seen below are both the tweet and video report by Fox13;

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