(VIDEO) Another Day, Another Joe Biden Lie; This Time at the Expense of the US Naval Academy

More squinting and yelling at everyone.

Open mouth, insert foot. That’s pretty much the modus operandi for Joe Biden.

His latest brain fart was at the graduation proceedings in front of thousands of US Navy and Marine Corps officers and enlisted, graduating Midshipmen from the US Naval Academy, as well as family and friends in attendance.

As seen in the video below, Biden tells how he turned-down an appointment to the Naval Academy in 1965.

While no historical evidence exists proving Biden ever received said appointment, he seems to forget that he also graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965.

Interestingly enough, Biden also claimed that he turned down-attending the USNA because he “wanted to be a football star.”

However, according to the Daily Wire, Biden was never part of the vaunted UD Fightin’ Blue Hen varsity football program.

The Daily Wire also notes that Biden was a member of the “1961 University of Delaware freshman team, but did not finish out the season in order to earn a letter.”

So much for gridiron stardom.

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