(VIDEO) Busting the ‘Rape & Incest’ Myth; Biden Recognizes the HUMANITY of Unborn Children, Still Wants Them Dead

Nicht, mein Führer.
Now that the 10th Amendment is finally being adhered to as the Constitution intended, Slow Joe addressed the nation today. Predictably, there was a lot of squinting, slurring and yelling.
But one interesting moment in his screed that made my ears perk-up (first video below);

“Women and girls were forced to bear their rapists child.”

Well, well… so the product of the rape isn’t just a clump of cells, but an actual child? How interesting.
The second video is from one of my favorite conservative champions, Candace Owens Farmer, absolutely and totally crushes the pro-abortion myth that it’s somehow justifiable to either burn them alive by way of a saline (acidic) abortion or hacked into small pieces during a DNC (Dilation and Curettage) abortion.
Keep in mind, both of these procedures take place when the child is capable of feeling pain.
WARNING: The third and last video is “The Silent Scream”. This video is VERY difficult to watch.

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