If You Think Ukraine is Actually PAYING for All the US Weapons and Ammo, Guess Again

Empty ammo cans for our troops.
I remember before I retired from the Marine Corps, two specific and significant instances during the regime of Bubba Clinton;
  1. We had to literally ‘pass around the hat’ amongst the officers and senior enlisted to buy toilet paper for the troops who lived in the barracks. The DoD (Department of Defense) actually ran out of money to buy toilet paper for the troops.
  2. When it came time for the annual pistol re-qual, battalion S-3 (Training) announced that any Marine who qualified as ‘expert’ last year didn’t have to re-qual this year. There was a DoD-wide shortage of ammunition.
Never mind the $85 billion worth of equipment literally abandoned by Team Biden in Afghanistan (still, no one’s been fired for that debacle), the Chinese-Occupied White House is still busy stripping our armed forces of billions of dollars of weapons, ammunition and all other various equipment of warfighting from our very own troops.
First of all, if anyone actually believes that the Ukrainian government is purchasing all that gear, guess again.
If anyone actually believes that any of our various NATO **achem** ‘allies’, such as the Germans, French, Italians, British, even the European Union are guaranteeing loans on behalf of the Kiev government, guess again.
As reported by Nomaan Merchant of the Associated Press via ABC News (emphasis mine);

The Pentagon will also provide the Ukrainians with up to 150,000 rounds of 155-millimeter artillery ammunition. Given the high usage of artillery on both sides, it’s unclear how long those new rounds would last. The official declined to say how many estimated rounds Ukraine and Russia are firing daily.

And the Pentagon will also buy four counter-artillery radars for Ukraine. Those new purchases, funded by the Pentagon’s Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, require weeks at a minimum for defense companies to build. Ukrainians are also being trained to use the newly provided systems.

The Pentagon will also provide additional ammunition for medium-range rocket systems it provided Ukraine in June, known as the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS. The ammunition will come from the Defense Department’s own inventory under what’s known as drawdown authority and will be made available to Ukraine more quickly.

This is the 14th package of military weapons and equipment transferred to Ukraine from Defense Department stocks since August 2021.

Here’s my point, I support the Ukrainian people and their fight against Neo-Stalinism. I also believe that we, as a nation, provide at least some lethal support.
But overwhelmingly, this is Europe’s problem. It’s time for the Europeans to take care of their own neighborhood.
Unfortunately, Europe is more than happy for the United States to take responsibility for their security.
To add insult to injury, Biden will not only empty our Strategic Petroleum Reserves, he also doesn’t have much of a problem emptying our armories and warehouses.

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