(VIDEO) Robert Kiyosaki Warns of ‘Communist’ Democrats and the Coming ‘Middle Class Revolution’

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.
In a recent interview with Rob Schmitt of Newsmax, author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki sounded quite the clarion call in regard to the ultimate goals of the Jackass Party as well as the Communist Chinese puppet masters pulling all the strings of the Joe Biden regime.
On a personal note, you know it took a Marine to come out and say this on national TV.
Specifically, here’s just some of the highlights of what Kiyosaki stated (emphasis mine);

“My background is oil, I drill for oil. So when I see what’s happening today, it’s the Green New Deal, it’s the woke culture, and the academic Marxists who are destroying this country via inflation, caused by oil.”

1st Lt. Robert Kiyosaki, USMC. Republic of Vietnam.

“They cut out of the Keystone XL pipeline to raise the price [of oil], and to get inflation up.”

“These communists are destroying the middle class of America, which just makes me sick.”

“It is a plot to destroy America. It is not a mistake. It’s a Green New Deal and we’ve gotta fight back.”

“When the middle class becomes poor, we’re going to have a revolution.”

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