Don’t Allow the Dems, the Media and the RINOs Brainwash You into Believing their ‘Dump Trump’ Narrative

To listen to the Establishment Media, you’d think that the “Dump Trump” movement is rampant within both the Republican Party and the conservative movement overall.
But who is it that are the loudest cheerleaders of this particular agenda?
You guessed it… the Democrat Party; the DNC’s own Reichsministerium für Propaganda (AKA: “The Media”), and lastly, the RINOs who’ve embedded themselves deep in our party and movement.
Yeah, I know that Pres. Trump took a swipe at Gov. DeSantis with the “Ron Sanctimonious” swipe. But politics is a contact sport that sometimes results with a sharp elbow to the ribcage or a thumb to the eye.
Besides, within 24 hours of Trump’s shot at DeSantis, he also publicly endorsed him (again) for the Governor’s Mansion on Tallahassee. Nonetheless, DeSantis has also made some of his own questionable comments aimed in the direction of Mar-a-Lago.
Maybe this is just a bit of me admitting to my own bias, but I just can’t help but wonder aloud if DeSantis just how much Trump helped het him elected to the Florida governorship back in 2018. But that’s just me.
For those who are at least nibbling at the notion that the GOP is finished with Trump, I just ask you to think back to the offerings the GOP gave us as our choices for president and vice-president during the post-Reagan era;
  • George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle
  • Bob Dole and Jack Kemp
  • George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
  • John McCain and Sarah Palin
  • Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
Face it, President Trump was the first candidate in a helluva long time that actually had the backs of us average, everyday American citizens.
Sadly, too many conservatives seem to have the memory (and sense of gratitude or loyalty) of your standard sand-flea when it comes to what President Trump did for each and every one of us.

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